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 What’s New?

David Letterman is paid $31 million a year while an average teacher’s pay is around $40,000.  Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner’s pay was a little under $200,000 while Judge Judy’s salary is $25 million. This is food for thought with these two examples of what Americans value most.

One of the many problems of living a long life is boredom as there is very little you haven’t heard before in government and the eternal clash of those in their quest of ascending another step on the ladder of society.

The structure of society has only made a few changes since the days of Abraham. We still have three economic classes that fluctuate to maintain a temporary buffer between the rich and poor. This buffer keeps the poor in tact. This buffer is maintained in different ways such as wars and charity and often easy credit that lures people into a fantasy of prosperity.

The 30s depression kept the poor in check with crumbs allotted through The New Deal. After Roosevelt was reelected we solved the problem by provoking Germany and Japan by shipping supplies to the allies and blockading supplies to Japan who was engaged in a conflict with China. The war solved the unemployment problem for us by the use of the draft and the industrial military complex creating defense jobs.

I believe an earlier blog discussed this and that the persecution of the Jews had little or no affect on the reason for our war with Germany. Anti Semitism was overt in the world and even the Catholic Church backed Hitler until much later. Germany invaded Poland in 1938 and we didn’t enter the war until Nov. 1941, a few days after Pearl Harbor.  

I apologize if I’m repeating myself, but that’s a characteristic of the exceedingly mature. I probably should leave this subject but was sidetracked from my original intent as lived through this period as a teen ager. Not much has changed since the Old Testament with man’s use of war. When Jacob and 70 Jewish families moved to Egypt they were put into slavery and fought a war to escape. The Jews and Arab countries are still enemies today.

The Revolutionary War was fought as the wealthy Founding fathers didn’t want to pay taxes to England. Thomas Paine was responsible for motivating the low income colonists to do the fighting for them. After the war the veterans weren’t able to find jobs and lived under destitute conditions

The major changes in society have been in technology; some with positive results and many with negative ramifications. I recall the amazement of seeing the first talking movie “The Jazz Singer staring Al Jolson and inventions like the refrigerator, radio, TV etc.

Now returning to my statement that there have been very minor changes in government a quote from H.L. Mencken would be appropriate. He is quoted by many writers, including myself, but he was more prolific than the few quotes most people read. He was considered a Muckraker for his acerbic and barbed tongue during the 20s, 30s and 40s. He was a reporter and editor of a number of newspapers in the days when newspapers were independent and not controlled by large consolidated establishments.

I will use some of his thoughts, confirming my hypothesis that most things in government and the public have remained quite stable through history with the following paragraph from one of his many books, ‘The American Language”

Quote: “The public attitude reveals itself in a common definition of politics to wit, “who gets what, when, how. It is assumed as a matter of course that a politician will do anything, say anything or endure anything for votes, and that assumption is seldom converted by plausible evidence. From the earliest days of the Republic its politics have consisted mainly of a continuing auction sale, with pressure groups of voters and gangs of politicians bidding for them with public money.” This was written by an author from the 20s, 30s and 40s. So what’s new?

Those following the present budget charade now being carried on by our pseudo statesmen in Washington, should keep this in mind if they have expectations of relief from their final solutions.       

Wealth has been distributed correspondently since early Biblical times with wealth concentrated in the hands of a small number of families. The question that has been philosophized about for many years and today is; should people making exorbitant amounts of money be taxed higher for the wealth fare of the many?

The question should be, can this happen? My answer is no, as if we raised their tax rate it would be riddled with loop holes maintaining or lowering the amount of taxes they are now paying. To become a member of the upper10% one must either have exceptional skills in sports, entertainment or be accidently be born in a family with enough money behind you to be able to take risks or send you to an elite University. Statistics show that only 3% of the lower quarter of the income bracket attends these schools while 71% of the upper quarter makes up the student body.          

Some readers may still be members of the middle class as you have been used as buffers between the rich and poor and needed to produce their wealth. A change other than in technology isn’t on the near horizon.

I know I’ve wandered, but still ask the question, What’s New?













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