Facts of Life

Facts of Life

 During breakfast my wife and I discus many topics from our day’s plans to our children and grandchildren. Yesterday my wife brought to my attention that she had four children in seven years. I remember it well as was involved in the process and at that time didn’t understand what was happening.

 This took place 63 years ago when any discussion about sex was taboo. I didn’t even know how to spell sex until I was in college. During the early part of our marriage when my wife’s stomach started to enlarge we tried to find what in her diet was causing this. We finally went to a doctor and found that she had a baby in her stomach who may have been hungry as my wife appetite was greater for 9 months.

  We went through this three more times and tried many different diets, but to no avail, After the fourth child was born my father took me aside and warned me that I would soon lose my seat in the car. He finally, after all this time, had a father and son talk about the facts of life.

 The one thing I learned and practice, was don’t hang your pants on the bed post.  My wife’s parents had 7 or 8 children so when we visited them I peeked in their bedroom and saw he was still hanging his pants on the bed post.

  This may not be completely true, but it brings to mind the need for young people’s need for information about sex they don’t receive from TV, movies or the internet. Sex isn’t a new phenomenon as was initiated by Adam and Eve without any sex education, but they needed some child raising skills as their son committed the first murder, This wasn’t yet a sin as was done before the Ten Commandments were written. 

  Our last child is now 55 and we are not sorry that I hung my pants on the bed post 4 times.

  “It is the malady of our age that the young are so busy teaching us that they have no time left to learn.” Eric Hoffer 




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