Politics as Usual (Phew)


Your Tax $ at Work

I watched the Hillary Clinton’s inquisition to check on any maturity growth of our congress after the election, but was again disappointed. I was under the illusion that a hearing by the Foreign Relation Committee, which should be made up of the smartest members representing us, there would be some depth to the hearings, but alas the public was treated to the same old political jousting.

The probe into the reasons for the attack in Benghazi began with the chairman giving a ten minute political speech, heaping praise on Hillary, a member of his party. This was followed with each member following suit; her party immortalizing her for her work as Secretary of State and the opposition party throwing her under the bus.

None of the questioning reached the depth of the real reasons we were involved in Libya’s civil war or other parts of terrorist countries. The real reasons for the attack may have been that members of the Muslim community weren’t interested in our occupation of their communities or our killing thousands of their religious faith in unnecessary wars.

One could say that the questioning of Hillary was funny, but to me it was sad to witness those in charge of foreign affairs more interested in politics than correcting any deficiencies in our security in Libya. Not going into the many shallow statements made in the inquiry, Rand Paul’s questioning was the highlight of the day when he seriously said that if he was president he would fire her. He also among other quips compared the attack at Benghazi with the 9-11 bombing of the twin towers.

Rand is a fanatical Libertarian and although I’m in agreement with many of their policies, like liberals or conservatives’ one must use common sense in supporting their beliefs. For those not familiar with Libertarians; generally speaking their policy is that a person has the liberty to do anything they please as long as it doesn’t harm someone else. Many of their beliefs are similar to those of a 1600’s philosopher, John Locke. Jefferson used many of his aphorisms in writing the Constitution. In a C-Span interview Rand admitted that under the Civil Rights Law he believed that business owners still weren’t obligated to serve minorities.

If you are interested in more of the stupid actions of a former constitutional professor by Mc Cain who finished in the bottom 5 of Mc Cain and Lindseythe graduating class at the Naval Academy and his puppet with the Southern drawl, keep tuned into Mc Cain and Graham. Since they lost the 2008 election they have monitored the President’s lack of knowledge and kept the public aware of their mistake in the last election.

Threatening to block his cabinet appointments is their latest ploy. Creating a frenzy over Benghazi resulting in this political waste of time is an example of why we have a do nothing congress. This committee has many other important issues to sweep under the rug.

This must have been a frustrating experience for Hillary being interrogated by a group of men with IQ’s 20 to 30 points below hers.



3 responses to “Politics as Usual (Phew)

  1. I think that the right has been attempting to hit two birds with one stone through Benghazi. For one, McCain got rid of Susan Rice. And now they’re collectively preparing for a hopeful Republican comeback in 2016 by irrationally attacking Hilary Clinton in case she runs up against their next Republican nominee. It’s very sad.

  2. Surely we all look forward to a time when we have government leaders we can respect and trust.

  3. The politicians love the camera. It was entertaining to see how they tried to increase their time in the spotlight by drawing out their introductions and self congratulations before getting to questions that had little to do with the problem discussed. It was much like all the award shows the celebrities give to congratulate themselves for making money in films. They are long, draw out, and meaningless, but they seem to enjoy themselves.

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