We Need a White President

Inaugurating a White President

 Four years ago we had a first by the election of a black President.The Tea Party and members of congress, especially those obama as witch doctorwith a Southern drawl were aghast when a skinny black man became president. His first term was a struggle with the opposition party’s determined to make sure he failed as their agenda.

 Now that he has been reelected he can govern as his white half. We must remember that his mother was a white woman and he was raised by his grandparents who were both white. He will no longer have to refer to his masters in congress who rebuked every proposal he made. If his proposals weren’t completely vetoed they were watered down by the opposite party. I don’t recall any white president have 100% of the minority party voting against any bill he proposed.

 Mitch McConnel and house leaders will have to change their tune in dealing with a President who is now white and not interested in being reelected. John McCain and Lindsey Graham will finally have to admit they lost their campaign against Obama.

 The coming four years could be interesting if congress could now relax and work with a president for the welfare of the nation.





3 responses to “We Need a White President

  1. The next four years will definitely be interesting! I’m looking forward to hearing your perspective on Obama’s second term. I think you’re right that the next four years will be governed differently than the past four years. I’m impressed by Obama’s proposed legislation as a result of Sandy Hook. I didn’t expect him to take such a strong stance against the NRA ideals. I had heard that there was going to be a bill in the works to ban assault weapons and large clips, but I was shocked to hear that Obama is also throwing in background checks! I don’t know if it’ll pass, but I have been pleasantly surprised so far on the second term Obama.

  2. White, Black.. I’m not sure. I like the Black Obama, and I like the
    idea of the opposing party having to follow him in doing what is good
    for the country.

    It will be an interesting 4 yrs.

  3. I am happy for the nation, but still worry that the right wing will continue to act foolishly and block things that need to be done. I watched the hearing with Hillary Clinton today and it was politics as usual. Such childishness when so many important things must be accomplished.

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