Born Again

Born Again

 In case any of my readers have noticed, I haven’t posted any blogs in the past few months which deserve an explanation. A short explanation would be that due to a health problem my thinking cap wasn’t working. 

My colon had become independent and had lost control of its function; which led to a number of problems. I was advised by family and others that at my age it was too risky to have major surgery, but had a Colostomy on Dec. 28 and am doing quite well. A Colostomy is relocating your rectum to another part of the body and attaching a   plastic bag. This isn’t an ideal option, but not as bad as one thinks

 I felt fortunate that I wasn’t one of those millions of poor souls that lined up for blocks just to see a doctor. I had a good health insurance policy at Kaiser Permanente plus Medicare. Without it I would have lost my life savings for hospital care and years of paying for aftercare and drugs.

This leads me to think if all those in the Bible Belt and other religious bastions have read and followed their leader in his instructions in the Sermon on the Mount or are too busy judging the life styles of gays, abortion and other trivial things.

 I no longer belong to any organized religion because of these reasons. I feel universal healthcare is more important that our over ballooned military budget and spreading democracy before we have it at home.    

 I feel born again on this subject and plan to pursue it in future Blogs. 


5 responses to “Born Again

  1. Love to see you back writing! And, of course, I completely agree with your opinion.

  2. Its good to hear from you again. We are grateful that you are feeling well enough to be back at work.

  3. Universal health care doesn’t tend to be a topic of those that are covered by their work insurance, (temporary as that may be), or those that have nothing to lose if they have to depend on the government, or even those who at this point in time are healthy and aren’t in need of health professionals. However for middle class Americans it should be a big topic of concern regardless of their insurance at work because they could lose that at any time and have a medical problem that could wipe them out financially. I watched my brother-in-law go through this very thing and it was not fair to a family that worked and paid taxes for decades and ended up losing everything because our government did not provide their citizens with the basic rights of health care.

  4. Glad you are feeling better and I can’t wait to read your future posts. Please take care of yourself.

  5. Good to hear from you Master Don! We miss you at Sierra Mtn coffee. Partly because I haven’t seen you there, and partly because I’m hardly ever there in the first place! But yes, you are missed. Glad I can find you here at least…

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