Results of Teachers Strike

 The Joys of Teaching

 Being familiar with many of the schools on the South Side of Chicago, the following exert from the Onion news may be satire, but contains a lot of realism about why our children are scoring poorly on Standardized Tests. Many parents are also becoming better acquainted with their children.

 The Onion

 CHICAGO—Jubilant Chicago Public Schools officials announced Friday that, for five straight days now, there has not been a single act of student violence in any of the city’s 675 public schools. “Our classrooms and hallways are safer now than they’ve ever been,” said CPS chief executive Jean-Claude Brizard, happily noting that there have been no reported instances of beatings, stabbings, sexual assaults, or shootings in any of the city’s public schools this week. “We’ve had no incidents of weapons being brought onto school property, nor has anyone had to break up a fistfight between students. We’ve all had to work together for this, but it’s paid off. Let’s keep it up!” At press time, a gunfight on Chicago’s South Side had reportedly claimed the lives of three 16-year-old boys.



One response to “Results of Teachers Strike

  1. Seems like the teachers are not only the substitute parent, but also the peace officers of the neighborhood. With the condition the poor children come into the school with it is amazing that anything gets done. Not only is there violence, but as I learned from an educator I knew well many children come hungry to school. No wonder the test scores suffer, the children are suffering.

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