Behind the Scenes

Dave Clague

Behind the Scenes

Meaningless Elections is an Interesting article. The struggle for personal power in DC clearly out-weighs the needs of the country. Also, I agree; the President’s racial background is a clear issue with the far right that fuels their antagonistic positions. It is really amazing. I remember talking to some white folks who appeared to be progressive, honest and caring, but they joke about the President using racial epithets. I was shocked that came out with a laugh. It is sad to see there is clearly a divide that has a racial tinge to it. (Like a friend of mine, I vote on the issues, what’s good for the country and not strictly along party lines.)

Another observation in the vein of these thoughts (the article), I often wonder how much of the acrimony in Washington is choreographed, while behind the scenes  the White House and congress make back room deals. I wonder if this happens; “Ok guys let’s do x, y and z. x and z are sacrificial so you and we can appeal to our bases. We can even call each other names; we can then pass y while we are battling and name-calling over x and z.” Sometimes they really make me wonder if there are ‘behind the scenes agreements’ that we, the public, don’t really understand that they are bi-partisan agreements. That would be an interesting article if in the current era there is any truth to it. It happened with regularity decades ago, when there was civility.)


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