Meaningless Elections

Meaningless Elections

 Taking sides in the childish combat between the two bitter political parties would be akin to deciding which child gets the piece of candy. The Presidential candidates for President and congress, from both parties, who speak only in generalities about creating jobs are ducking the specifics, tearing each other down but offering little hope for the millions of Americans without work.

 The result of this despicable brawl between the two parties is they are not only destroying themselves, but our country. The damage that has been done has probably reached the point of no return.

 The two-party system sets the political process up for gridlock and failure, and it discourages moderates and moderation. Witness the constant deadlock of the American congress when it comes to any issue more substantial than the naming of a road or airport.

Most members of congress are former lawyers and we know that a lawyer will defend anyone for a fee. This is how they operate in governing our country. The rub is they need these fees to maintain their jobs which they will do anything to keep; the larger the fee the better the representation.

 The Presidential fracas could be compared to British humor enlightened by the media’s frenzy in search of something worth writing about. The selection of a Vice President resembled the Vatican waiting for white smoke emerging from a smoke stack in selection of a Pope. When the critical moment came every correspondent in the country took to the air to learn about the coronation of some kid from Wisconsin, with the same solutions already generalized by the other two candidates.

 It is difficult to show much interest in who our new President will be as either candidate will end up as a failure. The bitter polarization of our two party system leads to the inability of American politicians to make the decisions needed to improve the nation’s major problems.

 Obama would accomplish less than his first term unless he and his family takes the Michael Jackson method of becoming whiter. The President has little legislative power without cooperation from the Senate and we witnessed this during his first term. He would be wise taking his wonderful family back to Chicago and live a normal life.

 Romney really wants the job and I would enjoy watching him put his money where his mouth is. He has spent his complete campaign tearing down everything Obama has done and he would then have a chance to correct all these errors and put the country back on its feet.

 I plan to vote for Romney as with my success as a prognosticator I see our country moving towards a 1800s economic culture. Nothing will change until the masses reach a level low enough for real action.

 Painters and Politicians can soon change white to black and black to white.  



4 responses to “Meaningless Elections

  1. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  2. I don’t think it is the two party system as much as the character of the people. It will be an interesting fall to see how all of this gets worked out.

  3. good article. The only litmus test that we have is how a Republican congress worked with Clinton. He seemed to get some things done; some things were blocked, but it seems that Clinton was clearly more able to get cooperation from the Republicans. As time goes on, you would think that we as a nation would be more tolerant of diversity, but there is a clear negative step-change between President Obama and the Republicans. Obama is charismatic, internationally like Bill Clinton, and Obama is as intelligent as Bill Clinton, and Obama comes off as or more caring about the citizenry than Bill Clinton. Also, I’ve heard many on the left, young voters and media outlets complain that Obama is a centrist and not pursuing a liberal enough agenda. Some have in fact labeled him as behaving as a conservative and weak on liberal issues. So, the only significant difference between Obama and Bill Clinton (other than geographic origins) that I can think of is race. I hope that I am wrong, but Republican action speaks louder than words.

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