Youthful Views

A C  (Granddaughter)

I don’t intend to comment on this other person’s opinion of you – I don’t think anyone who goes straight to personal attacks in conjunction with expressing opinions doesn’t deserve much thought.

 I would like to respond to your understandable disillusionment with the young crowd though. I don’t disagree that the youth should be more involved, at least in being as informed as possible, but I think I should shed some light on why young people generally aren’t. I think that young people view their abilities as individuals to make grand changes in the country as futile. We’re largely very disconnected from what is actually going on, because, for example, the wars we’re involved in don’t include a draft and the news rarely reports on it, so most young people don’t feel directly connected to what our politicians do. On an implicit level, we don’t know if we’re actually getting all of the information as to what is going on (and we probably aren’t).

 Beyond that, many young folk were really excited about the “change” Obama was going to bring in his presidency. Maybe this was an unrealistic expectation or maybe Obama was too concerned with getting reelected to make some strong political moves, or maybe a little bit of both. But I do think that many young people were disappointed with how their votes didn’t end up making a big enough impact on the country (we didn’t even get rid of the tax break for the rich!) for them to feel like their getting involved was all that fruitful. 

 I personally have grown more and more disillusioned with politics through meeting the political science majors at Columbia, as I’m sure many of them will end up holding positions of power in the country later in life. Out of all of the various students I’ve encountered, the poli sci majors are some of the most disingenuous, manipulative people who are constantly and overtly “networking” in social contexts where networking is often not even appropriate. There is something so revolting to me about wealthy 18-21 year-old college kids equipped with a strong sense of entitlement going about treating people like pawns and ideologies as methods for moving those pawns towards their career goals – and getting rewarded for it! It worries me for the future, but, at the same time, I wouldn’t doubt that many of their predecessors did the same when they were in college.

 Not that we shouldn’t be informed, but it’s a hard uphill battle to fight against a rich person’s game.


2 responses to “Youthful Views

  1. Interesting comment on the up and coming politicians. I hear Paul Ryan was coined as a “Brown Nose” in high school. I can only imagine his progression in college. Seems like the steps to power never change.

  2. nice pooch

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