Views of One of Our Young People


A C is my youngest granddaughter whose writing I have always admired. She is presently a Jr. at Columbia University and the papers she writes are a bit long for my blog,; so perused some of the articles she wrote for the High School news paper when she was a Jr. and found some that are still relevant today. (2009)

 Her generation will be running our country soon and am very interested their views on the policies confronting our country today. I plan to publish two of her articles from her high school days and invite any of my other 8 grandchildren to use my blog to express their views.

My e-mail address is and would be happy to share my blog with any students or young people interested in publishing their views. 

                              UNHEALTHY CARE? (2009)


As ignorant Americans cover their eyes in terror from any slight implication of “evil” socialism, they condone the fact that of all the wealthy, industrialized nations, the United States is the only country whose citizens are denied the benefits and security of a universal healthcare system.  Instead, Americans accept a privatized, profit-driven healthcare system encouraging injustices like co-pays, thresholds, limited coverage and the denial of coverage to those with pr-existing conditions.  So, while they duck their heads in sheer panic from the idea of “Stalin-themed” healthcare, Canadians and virtually all European, citizens are given free healthcare regardless of social class or pre-existing conditions.  

Although to some it may be considered a crime to offer free healthcare to children of lower class families who have nothing to do with their parent’s earnings or to those with pre-existing conditions-the ones who need healthcare the most- seventy percent of Americans believe healthcare is a right every should have.

What many may not realize is that our current system negatively affects both the uninsured and the insured.  Uninsured people often forgo doctor appointments for minor health problems.  In turn, health issues that could be caught at an early stage or prevented altogether become major illnesses.  Those who are insured deal with doctors who must take classes explaining all the insurance plans and what is restricted by insurance policies.  A universal healthcare system would allow medical professionals to focus instead of what’s best for the patient. Despite their earnest effort to appear genuine, insurance companies do not care about anyone unless they happen to be young, healthy and less of a burden.  When these burdens bombard the perfection of our capitalist system, some insurance companies feel inclined to either deny doctor’s suggestions or stall surgeries until it is too late.  It seems they embody the idea that as long as one group is profiting it doesn’t matter if another suffers- a concept that is absolutely nothing like POL Pot’s Khmer Rouge.

 Some will probably still continue to dislike the idea of universal healthcare as “too expensive,” in spite of the fact it works in other countries.  Or they will perhaps persist in making socialism and communism interchangeable.  If they do this, they are choosing to forget the people who suffer from lack of healthcare, the people who are abused from insurance companies and the empathy Americans are in desperate need of. 


2 responses to “Views of One of Our Young People

  1. Luanne Clague

    I question those that do not support universal health care wondering if they are the fortunate persons that have health benefits through their work so heath care is not a problem for them right now. For those that will benefit from the newest updates in our health care system I am sure they are pleased. I do not think the updates were enough, but at least they help some people that needed the help.

  2. Great Article, nice looking dog

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