The Tea Party in Action

The Life of Luxury is a Short One

 Everyone is in a tizzy over the Tea Party’s victory in Wisconsin. Those in command have reached another segment in management’s quest to destroy the union movement. This is only one State, but the media has blown it into the end of big labor.

 I was born and raised in Wisconsin and watched organized labor bring the working man from poverty and a form of slavery into the middle class. Those benefiting from this promotion failed to realize that management giveth and taketh away, blessed be the name of the Union.

 When the middle class was given rights and a livable wage they were also given little cards they could swipe through a machine and buy anything they wanted practically free. They were also privileged to not only buy fancy cars with the swipe of a pen, buy fancy houses with marbled counter tops with only a signature. Could this have been a planned conspiracy? 

Life was wonderful for all the white middle class and a few from other ethnic groups. The young people lined up to buy the latest modern gadgets; parking lots were filled at High Schools and outrages expenditures for graduations and limousines were prevalent for High School Proms. I just watched a clip on TV with pictures of young people in San Francisco lined up for a block to buy a pair of athletic shoes at $250 a pair. Some in line were reported to have been in line for a week.

I wonder if their ipads would be able to calculate the amount of interest the family was spending on interest for life in the fast lane. This would be an educational exercise.  Maybe if you moved your finger correctly they would be introduced to the amazing results of compounding interest.

I know this sounds like a grumpy old man, but one must learn that if you want to dance you have to pay the fiddler. It’s now time to pay the fiddler with bankruptcies, foreclosures and a change of life style.

The Tea Party wasn’t a secret organization and outlaid their agenda for everyone to see and now keeping their promises if anyone likes it or not. The big surprise for me was the defeat of Senator Russ Feingold the best friend of the common people of Wisconsin since Robert La Follette, a person worth downloading or what ever one does to read about him. Wisconsin voters have no one to blame for the politicians they voted into office. They have been bilked by a few men in their 40 year crusade to bring the working men back to their status in the 1800 and early 1900.          

Wisconsin can now be a model of life under the magic of lower taxes, fewer government programs and elimination of Unions for other States to think about at election time. This could strengthen the labor movement. Labor has a lot of power if united for the same cause. They are the key to the operation of government and our economic system.

I had a sliver of hope with the occupy movement, but they aren’t going to accomplish much camping out and singing songs. They must look back at the tactics and sacrifices made in their behalf one and two generations ago.

The last generations haven’t hurt enough or been hungry enough yet to challenge big money. Sooner or later people act out what they really think. 



4 responses to “The Tea Party in Action

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Thanks for the insight and excellent article. It was interesting to read about all the money “backing” the opposing positions in the Wisconsin battle. You know, I just don’t understand how big money can buy elections. Don’t the people do research and have their own opinion? Hopefully dissatisfaction will grow until we reach the point where we will each take our responsibility to elect honest and intelligent government leaders who aren’t controlled by big business, wall street and bankers.
    It’s sad to watch us battling over crumbs. It’s sad to watch the sentiment against unions sour. Of course, the unions, in many cases have become corrupt, but your point is well made about the change in lifestyle that came as workers united their voices and demanded fair wages, hours and benefits. This new generation is going to have some sad stories to tell, for sure.

  2. testing. this is the second time today I have tried to comment. Don, I have been moving and my home office has been packed up. Hope all is well in the grasslands. Now I will have a little more time to read and talk! Can’t wait to read this new article tonight. cheers!

  3. Judith– Your comment came through and happy to hear from you whether you agree or disagree with my opinions.

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