Repeal Child Labor Laws

Democracy in Action

Only 6 more months until the political campaigns for the 2014 and 2016 congressional and presidential elections begin again. In the meantime hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent in molding the minds of voters for the 2012 battle. We will be swamped with charts, polls, blah blah blah and yada yada yada but nothing feasible for improving the lives of most Americans.

The two parties will do deep research into each other’s past and spend 6 month in the skirmish of stabbing each other in the back using lies and half truths. Both parties have been in charge for the past 30 years and our political system has been in deadlock in a country that at one time bragged about their superiority. We are now trailing other countries in health care, energy, education, transportation etc.   

The present subject is jobs, jobs, jobs and both candidates make general plans for creating jobs, but nothing specific. What kind of jobs each will create is very fuzzy. One candidate will give more money to the wealthy overseas job creators by cutting their taxes while the other candidate will raise taxes and use the money with the same intent. Both plans have been tried before and haven’t worked.

A cynic might suggest that the only way of creating jobs in this country would be repealing the child labor law so our youngsters could compete with the Asians. They should be able to manufacture Nikes, I Pads, and the thousands of other goods outsourced to other countries.         

It will make little difference who is elected, nothing of any consequence will change. If I was Obama, now a millionaire, he would be wise to fold them and allow the other party the opportunity to clean up the mess he inherited. He selected greedy Wall Street Hedge Fund managers as economic advisers and appointed an Attorney General from a law firm with a white collar defense unit to clean up Wall Street. So far there hasn’t been any serious investigation of any of the large investment entities by the Justice Department. He has received more financial donations from large financial institutions than his opponent.

His opponent made his millions as a member of the Bain vulture capitalist company referred to as Robber Barons by economists. I don’t understand how a man making this much money could say as many stupid things and emit obvious lies. His adviser should put a piece of duct tape over his mouth and restrict him to written scripts.

As Helen Keller wrote, “Voting is selecting between Tweedldedee and Tweesldedum.”


2 responses to “Repeal Child Labor Laws

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Excellent article! It went along with what Diane Stewart revealed in her recent news clip about how our government leaders are talking about jobs for American’s out of one side of their mouths, and from the other side are giving away the huge contracts for rebuilding the infrastructure of the USA to Chinese firms. No need to complain though, as the America youth are being offered government subsidized internships at burger king.

  2. Luanne Clague

    The hope that we envisioned in 2008 is no more. The current election holds little inspiration. With big financing coming in from the rich it is too obvious that these candidates are not of the people or for the people. They hold no hope for the general public, it is merely a case of who will do the most harm.

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