Let The Main Event Begin

Can Women Cast their Eggs Upon The Ground?

 The preliminaries are finally over and the defending champ will now be in a position to hold the contender to verifying the disparities credited to him from a distance. This creates a fairer discourse of the many accusations thrown at him from afar.

 It also opens a closer examination that his opponents didn’t reveal in the primaries. The contender, who knows what the champ has done wrong, will now have his opportunity to reveal all his solutions to our economic and social problems. He will have different opponents than in the preliminaries and should be interesting.

 The preliminaries focused mostly on social issues such as contraception for women, same sex marriage,but omitted casting your seed on the ground; don’t know if women can cast their eggs upon the ground, but that would also be a sin.

 They were all opposed to health care for the indigent and other freebees from the Federal Government. The latest squabble was Anne Romney’s testimony about her struggle as a typical American stay at home mom. I wonder how much she and her husband contributed to the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment for women.

 I really don’t care who is elected President as Obama will be useless with the 60 vote filibuster in the senate and Romney could suffer the same fate. With the Supreme Court’s decision empowering corporations, the means of running our country the die has been cast for the multitudes in the future.

 If anyone is interested in the continuation of my satirical analysis of 3 more books of the Old Testament, let me know.   



8 responses to “Let The Main Event Begin

  1. Okay…calling you out! Just because a woman stays at home doesn’t mean she is against equal rights. Take it back! Say uncle! Ha, ha it is so easy for us to categorize each other when we are infinitely unique.

    • Judith– I would be happy to apologize, but if I made that statement I meant to say just the opposite. All the females in my family were stay at home moms and were for equal rights. I knew any mention of The Equal Rights Amendment would bring a reply from Vicki and you, but don’t care to discuss it. I knew that my sentence about the Romneys opposition to the Equal rights Amendment would strike a cord from certain people and am aware of their views. If you interpret that sentence as saying stay at home moms are against equal rights for women I say uncle.

  2. Hard to say how typical Anne Romney is as she speaks out for the at home moms. I wonder if they will get into the credentials of the wives this year as women’s rights have been under attack. It would be a benefit for Obama, one that he understands.

  3. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I am a stay home Mom and was against the Equal Rights Bill.
    I saw it as having too much that didn’t benefit all women. The idea was good, but the bill was poorly written. It’s like the Wall Street Reform bill. It has a great name, but in actuality it didn’t do what really needed to be done. Just because a woman was against the Equal Rights Bill doesn’t mean she is against equal rights for women.
    Nevertheless, I am with you, “Let the games begin.” That’s all it really is anyway………..not going to actually make a difference as the President of the USA hasn’t had any real power for quite a while.

  4. Vicki, I think we are in the middle of the game and it doesn’t look good right now…isn’t it time for half time? You know fun commercials and snacks?

  5. Don,
    You don’t care to discuss it? Now that doesn’t sound like you. What are your favorite topics? I like to think about the government power vs individual rights vs the environment vs the economy vs individual responsiblity. It seems like they are all important and often at odds.

  6. Judith,
    I would like to give you my reasons for not wanting to discuss the Equal Rights Amendment. Before this was passed I was in favor of it, but the Mormon Church was fighting it. I have had a policy of not discussing anything religious groups are strongly promoting. Vicki and I have some differences of opinion on subjects like this and we have a policy of not talking about them. This has maintained a wonderful relationship between us. We never talk about same sex marriage or the church’s campaign about Proposition 8.

    I would like to maintain our good relationship. I won’t disagree with you on any of the other subjects in your comment, but will give my view and opinion.

  7. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    One thing I know is that everything the “Mormon Church” teaches about being a excellent father, has been exemplified in your life and the relationships you have created with your children. We may disagree on the implementation of some laws but we clearly agree on the principles. You have taught us love and service through your example. You are a father that all of your children love and look up to.

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