As The World Turns (R) #1

As The World Turns {R}                              

     Dave Barry wrote a humorous article about stupid crooks and satirically blamed it on education. He thought crooks from the old days were much smarter. I tend to agree with him, but believe the degradation of crooks can be traced back to inbreeding. Medical science has proven that incest lowers the intelligence of the children.

 Adam and Eve couldn’t have been too bright to give up living in Paradise because a talking snake told them to eat an apple off a forbidden tree when they had a garden full of delicious fruit and vegetables. From that day on the Soap Opera began. Their first two sons were evil and one of them committed the first murder. Both sons married and there was no explanation of where their wives came from, but there could only be one explanation.

 Their descendants then populated the world. They were so evil that God had a flood to get rid of all of them except Noah, the one salvageable person and his family. This family must have had a lot of inbreeding to populate the world again.

 The major descendants, mentioned in Genesis, were Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. All three  had a speaking relationship with God and had his blessings. There probably was a lot of inbreeding before Abraham was born. Of course these people were sexually active to ripe old ages and had numerous wives and concubines. There must have been something in their diet similar to Viagra that made the men so  virile. Even the women were promiscuous as Lots daughters got their father drunk and raped him. They both had children by their father. He was now a father and grandfather of the same children. If his wife hadn’t been so nosy she would have been there to supervise.

Abraham’s wife, Sarah, was barren so he laid with her maid and had a son Ishmeal, who Sarah didn’t like. God made Sarah fertile when she was 90 years old and Abraham was 100 and she had a son Isaac. I imagine Isaac was embarrassed when his parents went to PTA meetings. After Sarah died Abraham remarried and had a bunch of sons. He also had children with his concubines. He died at 175 yrs.

Isaac was blessed by God and had a prolific life. He married two of his cousins, Rebekah and Leah. He had many children with Leah, but Rebekah was barren. Later God blessed her and she had twin sons Esau and Jacob. Jacob got the Lord’s blessing by deceiving his father Isaac who was going blind. Esau was very angry and besides the wives he had, he married the daughter of his half brother Ishmael. Jacob had children with Leah, Rachel, Rachel’s maid, and members of his concubine. Jacob’s daughter Dinah laid with Shechem, the son of Hamor, so Jacobs son’s were angry and  murdered all the males and plundered the city.

 I know that Christian Fundamentalists want creation taught in the schools. I have nothing against this, but wouldn’t  use the Bible as a text. The men who were blessed  and  communicated with the Lord were adulterers, bigamists and murders.  They make the wicked world of today understandable.

I am no authority on the Bible and have a difficult time with symbolism and interpretation, but I now have some clue  to  society’s problems “Inbreeding.” There is no reference to the creation of other humans in Genesis, so we must all be descendants of these early humans. Laws against  marriage of relatives has been legal for only a few hundred years. It’s no wonder the intelligence of humans is as low as it is. I’ve often wondered why I have done so many stupid things in my life and continue doing them. I now understand why George Bush was elected to the highest position in our land.

This could also explain why teachers have trouble educating many children. Genetics is a powerful force in our lives. Hitler was a clone of the Egyptian Kings who ordered all male babies killed as he understood the  consequences of breeding. Hitler was going to control the world by selective breeding. Animal breeders select mates by physical, mental, and temperament and they don’t mate animals of the same family.

In some ways we are repeating the days of Adam and Eve. Instead of a talking Snake, Satan has given us the Media who control the minds of God’s people. TV, movies, computers, and print are in complete control of the human race.

I’m only giving a brief critique of Genesis as some of my ancestors evidently were slow in this area. I have just started reading Exodus and already have answers I’m searching for. When the Burning Bush asked Moses to talk to the King about freeing the Jews in Egypt said he had an  uncircumcised lip and had a difficult time speaking, and expressing himself, so had Aaron speak for him. This doesn’t seem like a positive characteristic for the person selected to lead the Jews to freedom. I know that students of the Bible could disclaim what I have written, but due to inter- marriage among my ancestors I’m slow in the interpretation of the written word. In Biblical terms I have an uncircumcised brain.

                                                                                        July 16, 2001


3 responses to “As The World Turns (R) #1

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    No comment

  2. What a sweep through history! You are a very funny man….with a knack for connecting the points and drawing some interesting conclusions.

  3. I can’t wait for part 2….when will it be out? I have to know what happens to mankind. You can’t just leave us hanging.

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