Drumbeat For War

Where the Money Goes

We have members of congress that believe we can’t reconcile our difference with other nation, especially in the Islamic world, without military actions. We have been foolishly wasting the lives of hundreds of thousand humans and throwing money down a rat hole while our society is suffering from a lack of money for education, our infrastructure and a collapse of or economy.

I don’t often discuss my intellect, but when I hear people the caliber of Bomb Bomb Mc Cain, Lindsey Graham plus Joe Lieberman who are all so unimaginative they can’t conceive of solving our differences with any groups and nations in the Islamic world without the use of military means,

Their belief  they can reshape the world with American power causes my intellectual narcissism to soar. They and our 3 candidates for President fall in line by criticizing the President for not taking action with Iran before it builds a Nuclear Bomb. Neither of the leaders has much knowledge of history and foreign policy, but bases their rhetoric on defacing anything Obama says.        

Andrew Bacevich, a West Point graduate and Vietnam veteran-turned-scholar who’s become one of the most perceptive observers of America’s changing role in the world answers the question of whether Iran is a direct threat to America with a definitive no. “Whatever threat Iran poses is very, very limited and certainly does not constitute any kind of justification for yet another experiment with preventive war.”

That noisy little President of Iran makes a lot of inflammatory and sometimes offensive statements, but does not call the shots. The ultimate decision maker on Iran’s nuclear and foreign policy is Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the commander-in chief of Iran’s forces.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, a real hawk, makes threats against Iran. I feel this is their problem and we have already supplied Israel with the money to build their military and nuclear capabilities and need not sacrifice any more lives or funds in their behalf.

If people in the Middle East want to continue with their everlasting wars, let them at it. Hillary hints at becoming involved in the civil war in Syria which is none of our business. One or more of these countries are in constant turmoil, so why waste our time.

Our none preventive war in Kuwait and stationing of troops in Saudi Arabia was one of the major reasons our one time friend bin Laden bombed the twin towers. We have since unsuccessfully become engaged in using American power to reshape global order. Anyone with some knowledge of Islamic history would realize the futility of reshaping another countries culture. We should have learned that we cannot remake the world in what we imagine to be America’s image. Eleanor Roosevelt warned her husband that we must promote democracy at home first and realize that American beliefs and values aren’t universal.

Our intervention in the Middle East in just the past 10 years has been costly in lives and money. William Falk writes:

“You cannot accurately calculate the cost of a decade of war. Start with $1.4 trillion spent so far, 63 900 Americans dead, 47,684 wounded, and more than 150,000 Iraqis and Afghans dead, But the statistic that’s largely been lost, until now, is that 31% of more than 2 million Americans who’ve come home suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injury, or both. That’s more than 600,000 soldiers.”——-Now they’re coming home, carrying burdens most of us cannot imagine.”

Has it been worth it? Killing one person is tragic to one family, but the death of thousands is just background noise or numbers.

In my second paragraph I casually mentioned three Senators who favor involvement in nation building, but this isn’t a partisan zealousness for war as our present Vice President and Secretary of State plus 24 other Democratic senators voted for these wars.

The public must brace themselves against the fear mongers now sending out new prognostic fears of Iran. This is a Middle East problem and not ours. It is time to spend our tax money at home.

Woody Allen’s movie Bananas explains the futility of altering another countries culture. For those not remembering the movie, Woody is a member of a group in Central America who overthrows an evil dictator and the dictator is replaced by the rebels who are as evil as or eviler than the one they replaced. Iraq and Afghanistan will fit in this pattern.

“Are we so unimaginative, so wedded to the reliance on military means that we cannot conceive of any way to reconcile our differences with groups and nations in the Islamic world?”




2 responses to “Drumbeat For War

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    It’s so frightening to listen to the rhetoric leading up to yet another military entanglement. But then war is fine, as long as none of my family has to loose their life in it, eh? Thanks for your excellent article!

  2. Luanne Clague

    Great article…the U.S. needs to get past the rhetoric and tend to the costs of the war verses the outcome. We have not built anything of value in the Middle East or saved those people from terror. The wars we are involved in have brought new terror to the nations. The costs in human life have outweighed the mission, which has not been accomplished. It is recent history we can learn from…let the Middle East take care of their own problems!

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