“You Can’t See the Whole Sky Looking through a Bamboo Tube”

The Health Care Debate  

I have no dog in this fight over providing health care for those who can’t afford it as we have an excellent health care program at  Kaisers which would be an excellent pattern for universal health care.

My concern is for the millions without health care, especially children. I became personally aware of this when my daughter’s husband, a hard working young man who supervised the building of multi million dollar homes, lost his job and then came down with MRSA and spent 36 days in the hospital ending up on Dialysis.

They lost their beautiful home and savings and are now on disability and my daughter and her two children cannot make necessary doctor visits but can’t afford needed medicine. My daughter has a heart defect and her prescription for a month runs into the hundreds of dollars. She and her family must abandon their dignity and go to emergency to keep alive. Their teeth are in need of repair, which they can’t afford. Is this the American dream? After paying rent and utilities each month they only have $30 left for food and have to visit a food bank to exist. Any compassionate country should feel ashamed of these conditions for people of this ilk.

I don’t know enough about the details of health plan as haven’t read all of the bill as the public is only exposed to a couple of pages of a bill with 100 or more pages loaded with pork and loop holes to water the bill down.

From media reports the major part of the bill is being contested over the mandate of everyone buying insurance made by the same people who championed this part of the bill before Obama’s bill, including Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney who had this mandate as part of his health program in Massachusetts. It shouldn’t be difficult to trace the reason for the sudden change of mind with this President.

The Supreme Court is just another political party and most decisions are made along political lines. Decisions of the present court are usually 5 to 4. Given the track record of this Supreme Court I have little or no faith it will do the right thing. Sophistry will be brought to bear to do the bidding of the corporations this court has so consistently supported. A 5to 4 vote on this mandate is almost assured.     

I have heard many antidotes about the pros and cons of European medical systems so will add a positive one by a man from PA named Garet:

“I have lived and worked in Europe and Canada, so I have direct experience of the “socialized” system the rest of the civilized world uses. The only place where I’ve been told what doctors I can see or not see is here in the USA. This was not by government bureaucrats, but by their corporate fellows. So Republican squawking about “socialized medicine” allowing the government to get “between you and your doctor” is pure fabrication it is particularly egregious hypocrisy in this instance, given the current Republican support for any number of measures that directly insert government into the medical decisions a woman makes with her doctor — “personhood” amendments, transvaginal ultrasounds, and so forth.

I can say from experience that using healthcare in, say, Canada is hassle-free. You choose your doctor, show your medical card, get treated, and leave. And you don’t then spend months on the phone arguing over a stack of paper sent to you by the insurance company.”

In closing readers may classify my views as grouchy, grumpy or even unpatriotic, but the world needs people who refuse to see life through the filter of wishful thinking. They are outspoken in their devotion to the harsh realities of life. We protect and even upset those looking at the world blindly through rose colored glasses.

I consider myself patriotic as answered my call for the draft and served my time in the military. The country can deteriorate if we spend most of our time waving the flag and wear patriotic pins. Many of those who were basking in the sunshine are now losing their jobs and homes are now in the streets protesting. They love their country, but now experiencing the harsh realities of life. Those still having a home and job shouldn’t get too complacent as the future is unforeseeable as my daughter and family have had unanticipated suffering.  Amen!  



4 responses to ““You Can’t See the Whole Sky Looking through a Bamboo Tube”

  1. I am so sorry for those who are losing their dignity, homes, and even their health because the almighty dollar trumps the needs of fellow human beings in the hearts of most poiiticians. Where is there a man of integrity to lead us in the whitehouse? Where are statesmen who really care for their constituents? In all the nation, is there NO PERSON who can succeed in the political arena, with the present system, and really WORK for the people?
    I am in despair over the leadership of this once great nation.

  2. Sheryl, I agree with you, but what we really need is a congress not owned by corporations and not campaigning for the next election a week after they’re elected. The occupy movement should enlarge to the point they can control who is elected. The people must regain the power they once had.

  3. I just found out what it feels like to live without health insurance or the money to buy the care you need. There have been people living like this for years! Children raised where their parents can’t afford to take them to the doctor when they’re sick. My life will be five years shorter than the person who has insurance. Countries that have socialized medicine spend no more than 5% of the money on paperwork. 30% of all the money put out for healthcare in the US is spent on administrative costs! The insurance companies own the politicians.
    Occupy has joined forces with Move to Amend to get Citizen’s United reversed making corporations people and giving money free speech. I see this as the only hope to get the money out of politics. Until then care for the constituents is a fairytale.
    Here’s the petition to sign:http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50137/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=6883.

  4. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    As I watch the newscasters talk about what’s going on in the Supreme Court over the health care bill, I feel overwhelmed. I understand those who argue that government doesn’t belong in the health care business, but I also understand that something needs to be done to give adequate health care to those who are willing to work but find themselves unable to earn the money required to pay for health care which has become exorbitantly expensive. I feel sad that I have lost confidence in our government, and am doubtful that the efforts of those willing to “fight” for change have a chance of overpowering the deeply entrenched graft and corruption that has evolved. I will steal a quote from a man I deeply admire, he said that the struggle of good against evil /light against darkness “is like David fighting Goliath, but that we must remember that David did win.” I see us needing divine intervention to bring about a just and fair society, and hope that we will seek and be worthy of it.

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