Statement of Blogger Jean’s Political Views  

In case you didn’t find the links to this lady’s political beliefs, I will copy and paste them here….it’s like reading your opinion, with a feminine twist.  Peace and Love.

              A Statement of my Political Views

My parents were Republicans, and so quite naturally in the beginning I followed their lead. Then, I went away to school to the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, Ohio. Oberlin is a liberal school, and so while I was there it was natural that I would examine my political views. As I did, I changed them to what I considered to be a more caring view of humanity and became a Democrat.

Seven years ago, when I began to read deeply about the various aspects of our country and world, I began to see that both the Republican and the Democratic parties are flawed and could not be a part of a future that includes Unity Consciousness, so gradually I withdrew my support from any and all political parties.

What I have come to understand is that for many years seeds of fear—mostly of our differences—have been planted in us and passed down from generation to generation: fear of color, nationality, race, sexual bias, educational levels, financial status, etc. I have come to believe these fears have no basis in reality, but are, even so, deeply embedded in our psyches, since we unconsciously learned them as young children from our parents.

I believe, however, they will soon simply fall away, because as the depth of corruption—corruption that has always been present on our entire planet is exposed, we will come together as one people—as we realize the truth of how we have been manipulated. Our lawmakers are mostly all bought by corporations, or their equivalent, and a huge percentage of them have broken their oaths of office and seem to be more in the employ of corporations than us the people who elected them. Instead of doing the people’s business, they respond to the demands of outside interests, and corruption and greed now appear to be the largest common denominator. 

Many of us are beginning to realize that it doesn’t matter whether or not we are Republicans or Democrats, what the color of our skin is, or what our religion, or our financial situation, because we can see we are all victims of the greed and At last, we are beginning to see that there is a very small group of elites at the top of the power structure, who have been moving the wealth—our personal wealth—into their coffers in a deceitful and dishonest way. There is plenty of money on this planet for everyone, it is just being held in a very few hands. We are now even being asked to pay for their mistakes, while they continue to live as the very rich, paying nothing for their errors.

As I came to this realization and with it the knowledge of NESARA, which will make us all financially equal – providing much needed economic justice, I realized that when we have the opportunity to reform our governments and vote honestly for our elected officers, we will no longer even need to consider voting for parties to do our will. We will simply vote for the best person, the person who will honestly represent all of us and be willing to hear us and to carry out our wishes.

The attitude of exclusion that is part of joining a political party will soon change, as it must, if we are to live in Unity Consciousness.



2 responses to “Statement of Blogger Jean’s Political Views

  1. I concur with most of Jean’s philosophy, but am not as optimistic as her.

  2. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I looked up NESARA, and found it very interesting as well. It’s fun to check out the beliefs of others; though sometimes I just can’t fathom how they can possibly believe what they believe….and of course others will say that about many of my beliefs.

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