Two Nations Indivisable


“As the arteries grow hard the heart softens.” I’ve unusually been critical of both political parties for most of my adult years, but now nearing 90 I have a soft spot in my heart for both parties.

 The Democrats made history by electing the first black President compelling the Southern congressional leaders and clandestine racists in the North to make sure he wouldn’t be successful.

 They have been partially successful in creating another reprobate who is a Muslim, Socialist, non Citizen, Hitler plus a Witch Doctor with a bone in his nose. In this adventure of destroying this tyrant the government has become stagnant, lowering the opinion of both parties. The Republicans have a contest between Tea Party/Evangelicals and what remains of the party’s pragmatic corporations.

 The Democrats have only one choice of a candidate who will suffer the present fate at the hands of the congress, destroying anything he suggests. If I was his adviser I would let him know he has done his job in breaking the color barrier. The mess created by previous administrations is beyond any quick fix as our government is completely in the hands of those who have purchased it in the past 40 years. He should take his wonderful family and move back to Chicago where his family can have a normal life. Allow his opposition the opportunity to put their trickle down program back in action. He can do more good for needy Americans as a private citizen than as a scapegoat for his opposing party.

 My real story explores the fate of any of the prospective candidates prepared for failure if elected. The mess our country is in will not be improved for many-many years. I have been quite accurate in my predictions of the economy and the consequences of our wars since the Reagan years. The reason for my vision in these areas is that to know where you are going you need to know where you’ve been and I’ve been there.

 Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman agrees with me that “financial deregulation by Ronald Reagan ushered in an era of rampart greed in finance. Republicans ruthlessly hacked back New Deal and Great Society programs to finance tax cuts for the wealthy.”

 In the 2012 election voters will be just as successful in flipping a coin to select a candidate. I have a soft spot for Romney as this is his second try and has spent a lot of money and really intensely desires the job. As a caustic critic of Obama he should easily make the needed corrections of Obama’s failures.

 Gingrich has lost because of his wife’s Hair Do, but plans to use any delegates he accumulates in a trade for a cabinet position. Santorum would be an interesting pick as watching him debate Obama would provide me with some much needed laughter and would be the first choice of the comedians. He would be the first Pope in the White House.  

 We must admit that besides ethnic segregation our country has increased segregation along class lines. The millionaire politicians running the country are oblivious of the lives of ordinary Americans. The two party system of government has spilled over into two Americas.

 “When you think of nations, you think of people who have coalesced to enhance and protect their shared interests.  Historically, those people have lived within the same geographical borders, but I think geographical borders and location generally are becoming irrelevant to the identification of a “nation.”


6 responses to “Two Nations Indivisable

  1. My opinion is that Obama single handedly was responsible for his own demise (in the esteem of many Americans). I do not think he believes in a free America, nor is he patriotic about our military. He is quick to throw America under the bus at the first chance there may have been inappropriate handling OR decisions by the military. Burning Qurans (Korans) sounds so much more dramatic than destroying communications between terrorists. What is the media thinking to not report the entire story?
    Personally, I am sick of having ” My President” apologise for the United States of America, especially to whom he was apologising. Where is our national pride? I STILL HAVE MINE.

  2. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I appreciate the fact that you don’t attack President Obama. I may not agree with some of his policies, but feel that it is wrong to attack him personally. My sense is that Obama hoped to make positive changes for the American people, but as you have pointed out, our government is run by a handful of powerful corporations /billionaires. I almost chuckle as I listen to politicians blaming the mess our economy is in on President Obama. Who got us into this mess? Who keeps policies in place to continue the deep river of corruption? Don’t get me wrong, I have been very disappointed in Obama’s presidency, but sense that no one is going to succeed to making any changes apart from those that benefit those actually running the show. In my group we call those people the “Gaddianton Robbers” and there is only one power that will ultimately overthrow them….and that will not come from any political party.

  3. It is actually pretty funny to watch the celebrities try to raise money for their causes as they and their friends have the resources to complete any project they choose and not feel it financially. The politicians try so hard to act as though they have a clue what it is to be middle class or unemployed. It is two nations and the rich run it and try to act like one of us in the process. It is all acting…..

  4. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I recommend you listen to an interview with Gerald Celente a week ago. A bit into the interview he addresses what you have just said.

  5. Somehow I just can’t believe that ANYONE who is President of the United States doesn’t believe in freedom. And I wonder if you may be mistaking military patriotism with the war mongering we were subject to prior to Obama. I respect the way he used our military to rid the world of Bin Laden quickly instead taking ten years of massacre to do it. I know I’m opinionated, but I honestly can’t see where Sheryl is coming from.

  6. In this blog I neglected to include a quote by Mitt Romney:

    “We deserve a President who believes in us, and I believe in the American people.”

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