Don’t Hang Your Pants on the Bed Post

What’s happened to my friends Sarah &Glen?

 I don’t know if I’m entering the final stages of senility as am in that phase of my life where I not only miss Palin and Beck, but 9 9 9- Herman, I can’t remember- Perry, Our Founding Fathers ended Slavery- Bachmann and others providing material for Late Night Comedians.


Our remaining contestants remind me of early Tent revivalist debating about who has the closest relationship with the Supreme Being. Gingrich reminds me of Elmer Gantry who with the other more pure debaters who are more interested in homosexuals, contraception and when a fertilized egg becomes a person than hungry children or the number of Americans living below the poverty line. The bachelor clergy in the Catholic Church object to women having a choice of sex for any other reasons than breeding. Women are like the horse family having females that are called breeding mares.

 They say nothing about men having vasectomies as a means of contraception. Santorum and others believe contraception is evil and people should only have sex to procreate. This means he must have only had sex 7 times just at the time his wife was ovulating.    

I know something about contraception as we had 4 children in 7 years and went to my father for advice. He informed me that if you don’t hang your pants on the bed post fertilization won’t take place. Just to be safe I sawed off the bed post in case I forgot and never had any more children. I don’t think the purist would object to this method.

The debaters spend a lot of time talking about the black devil that is destroying our country. Although he has an IQ 30 or 40 points above any of his adversaries and because not raised in luxury his adversaries consider him inept; when he isn’t near enough to reply to their accusations.

 These are just some of discouraging thoughts I have in observing the 365 days of yearly campaigning by those seeking the profitable life of those who are to represent us. I personally don’t care who is elected President as our economy is at a point where the next President will be a failure. Obama with a do nothing congress made a valiant attempt, but in the 1980s the stage was set for the take over of our economy by corporations with the lowering of taxes for the affluent, deregulation of banks and Savings and Loans, deregulating business, removing anti trust laws and a massive build up of our defense budget were the genesis of the decimation  of the middle class.

Teddy Roosevelt passed Anti Trust laws and was named the Trust Buster. After reading Upton Sinclair’s book The Jungle, about the unregulated meat packing business he initiated the FDA. He also passed regulatory laws for business. Universal health care was one of his proposals that were defeated. These bills were repealed during the pre depression days, regenerated by Franklin Roosevelt and removed by Reagan and Bush 2.

The next President will be in a deepening hole with no way out. This is the reason homosexuals; abortion and contraception are the main problems being discussed.


3 responses to “Don’t Hang Your Pants on the Bed Post

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    You make me laugh and think………….Thanks!

  2. I agree that the Republican candidates have been entertaining, but somewhat embarrassing for the country. The debates have obviously not done them any good as it has given too much exposure making it difficult to even pretend they are intelligent.

  3. funny man…I will make sure I never get a bed with posts.

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