Make Your Voices Heard

The Free Market

Definition of the free market:  Business governed by the laws of supply and demand, not restrained by government interference, regulation or subsidy. (Libertarians– John Locke’s philosophy)

 This sounds good if you say it fast, but it would become similar to a football game without any rules or referees. This would work well in a perfect world if all the players were not driven by greed instead of the welfare of their fellow men. This is but a dream in a world driven by our winner takes all society. We have no Mr. Wonderful with eyes emitting little stars in the corporate world. As I have said before; people of the world have many different Gods, but the one God they have in common is money.

 The occupy movement has come to the realization that without some regulation of business they will eventually become members of the underemployed poor. Jobs can’t be created without manufacturing and these jobs have been outsourced by corporate America for cheap labor.  

 The lack of manufacturing jobs has led to an influx of work in the service sector, where most of the jobs are for minimum wage and offer no benefits. These are jobs not keeping pace with inflation, inflexible or undesirable hours, little chance of advancement, and high levels of stress.  Services and retail now account for 75% of total of U.S. employment.

 Small business owners use to ladle flour out a barrel or pickles from a crock. When these products were mass produced there wasn’t enough difference in them so used brand names. Through clever advertising people began buying by brands, like Campbell’s Soup, H.J. Heinz pickles and Quaker Oats cereal etc. They eventually used different mind control skills to give their product a personal meaning such as Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and Dr Brown. Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Hanes used athletes such as Tiger Woods and other famous athletes to promote their products and it worked. People are no longer buying goods but a logo. This was most prevalent with the youth starting in the 1980s.

 I could go into more detail, but anyone interested should read No Logo by Naomi Klein for a complete picture of why these jobs won’t be returning to America. I rather chuckle when politicians boast about reducing unemployment by returning to another trickle down economy. Most of the unemployed have little chance of returning to their previous jobs unless they move overseas. Rebuilding our infrastructure will only put a dent in the fifteen million plus unemployed and will only be temporary. Obama playing follow the leader just reduced the corporate tax from 35 to 28% which will trickle down to overseas employment.

 As I was writing this article by chance, Nightline made a visit to an Apple plant in China which is an example of why our unemployment rate is so high? It was surprising the media made this exposure. Even if their visit was expected, it was enlightening. They even revealed the net below the windows to reduce the number of suicides of the young workers. It’s too bad the media doesn’t play these types of programs on prime time.

 It must be noted that these companies outsourcing manufacturing was not only for cheap labor, but to free themselves from the burden of employees and dealing with factories by relegating the manufacturing to contractors. They are no longer responsible for working conditions and treatment of employees.  

 My daughter Jill Hill is active in the occupy movement and if this movement could increase to a size that threatened congress the working poor could make a difference. I witnessed this with the labor movement and the civil rights movement. Those who want to make a difference should join the occupiers and make their voices heard.     



2 responses to “Make Your Voices Heard

  1. Well said! One of the saddest things in my mind is to know there are many people who work long grueling hours and they still can’t pay for the basics such as food, housing, medical care and education let alone even dream of adequate clothing or a vacation. It seems this level of struggle is creeping in here more too.

  2. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    This brings to mind an interesting news clip of Former President George Bush interviewing a middle aged woman. He asked her if she had a job and she answered that yes, she had three. He smiled and congratulated her. I still shake my head at that idiotic response by George. It took her three minimum wage jobs to support her family….great economy we’ve built.

    My husband graduated from college and landed a job with IBM. His job was “downsized” and he was replaced by a “contract” employee; which is a nice way of saying “an employee who will do the job for 1/3 the pay without medical benefits.” He then took a similar job with HP doing the same thing, for 1/3 the pay….until his job was outsourced to Costa Rica. With no unions or regulations to protect him and his job he found himself at 56 years of age installing pool tables with a minimal salary.

    It seems that banking and business regulations are necessary as we live in a world of greed and corruption. It’s foolish to think that employers and bankers will do that which is best for our economy and American workers without any regulations. In my opinion, the book “Lord of the Flies” gives a very good overview of what we can expect with no regulations living on earth in the current state of man. Well, we don’t really need to read that book–we can just watch what’s going on here and now.

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