Cloning Corporations

Our Fading Democracy

The Supreme Court’s action to clone a corporation into a person, resulted in legalizing the new found Super Pac’s which is driving another nail in the coffin of our fading democracy. Our system of government has reached a point of inevitable permanency as is no longer controlled by real people.

The former middle class has slowly been interned in this coffin and the number will increase until only a few will be left to create a buffer between rich and poor. Our sacred Founding Fathers kept this in mind when writing the Constitution which didn’t include, women, slaves, Indians or men not owning land. 12 Presidents owned slaves and 8 had slaves while in office. White men owning a small piece of land and a few artisans remained as the buffer between rich and poor.

Some changes were made by Women’s Suffrage and the Civil War, but the large gap between rich and poor remained. It took a Depression and World War to create a sizable middle class. Those yearning a return to the good old days must decide how far they want to go back in American history. The industrial revolution in the 1800s, instead of narrowing the gap between rich and poor widen the inequality between labor and management. The 99% then replaced black slavery with white slavery, child labor and segregation.

This inequality continued until the World War in Europe. In 1939 Roosevelt converted our country into a war mode. This was the origin of the industrial military complex. Factories were transposed into manufacturing planes, bombs, tanks etc. The first peace time draft was passed and the economy was booming.

 The so called job creators found they could no longer treat labor like slaves as the 99% refused to work under these conditions; creating a real middle class. The rich discovered that labor was important to their wealth and labor made them aware of this with the use of strikes.  

 This tactic may not work today as corporations have found slave labor in other countries. Steve Jobs, as an example, must have known the inhuman treatment of the Chinese assembling his products, but wasn’t satisfied with the billions he had already accumulated and wanted more. Americans buying Apple’s products are just as responsible for slave labor and eliminating American jobs as Steve Jobs.

 The Occupy Movement is a step in the right direction if they can devise resourceful tactics to influence the money changers now running Washington. Those remaining in the buffer zone must also become aware of their temporary status.

 I realize this history lesson is a repetition on my part, but one must look at the past to understand the present and the future. The protesters must be vigilant as change comes from the bottom up. The millions must regain more power over the politicians. Although they are controlled by money and use half truths to garner votes, the public must pressure them by using the truth. Politicians have lucrative jobs and want to keep them.

 I plan to go more into detail about the racism and Anti Semitism during the Roosevelt reign in a future blog. Most of truths about our history are difficult to digest as our text books purposely leave us in the dark to keep the natives from becoming restless.

 Throughout history the oppressed start digging the well when they are thirsty and there are many thirsty people in the world today fighting for water.   



4 responses to “Cloning Corporations

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Thank you so much for that history lesson with its relevance for us today. I think that some of us, myself included, are unaware of the struggles fought by our predecessors so that we can enjoy our current prosperity. It’s going to be interesting to see if this upcoming generation will continue to allow the lobbyist, corporations and bankers to transfer the wealth from the middle class to the elite. This process has surely been comparable to the frog that was put into a pan of water on the stove. The heat has been turned up slowly, and the frog is being cooked to death.

  2. Online petition to overturn Citizen’s United.

  3. Seems like the rich are to be lifted up now as our job creators. We are so dependent on the rich that according to the Republicans we better not make them angry and give them breaks or they will take our livelihood away and give it to the sweat shops overseas.
    I agree with Obama that the tax breaks need to go with business that employ Americans rather then all business, many of which choose to make a larger profit by using cheap foreign labor. Doubt that will go over in congress though as they are also bought and paid for.

  4. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Yes Luanne, when I heard President Obama make the point of giving tax breaks to corporations that employ Americans rather than sending the work overseas, I had the same feeling. Obama said many things that we all wanted to hear, but if he can make any of them happen is another question. I was uncomfortable about his comments about giving more power to the executive as, let’s face it, the most “efficient” government is a dictatorship….. and I see too many correlations between what is happening in our country with what happened as fascism was taking over in Nazi Germany.

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