Yesterdays Blossoms Only a Memory Today

Drip Down Economics

 Judge Bean, the Hanging Judge, only listen to one side of a case as listening to both the prosecution and defense made decision making too difficult.

  Judge Bean’s philosophy is similar to our two party systems. Members of each party are like horses with blinders and are locked into one view of the world. This can be one of the frailties of a democratic system of government. All forms of government have the same problem due to the inherent characteristics of many members of the human race.

 There are seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Take a look at our current culture. How many of these sins are commonly broken and accepted and can they be changed? They originated in the Garden of Eden and have remained in tact to the present.

 After watching two of the Presidential debates the Democrats should allow one of these candidates the privilege of reducing taxes, eliminating regulations and cutting programs and increasing our military strength while creating jobs. Obama would be wise to drop out and allow one of his brilliant white critics perform this miracle. Our system of government has reached a point of inevitable permanency as is no longer controlled by the people.

 It’s my opinion it makes little difference who our President is as his lone power is having White House dinners, press conferences and making a few decisions in foreign affairs. The majority has changed from 51 votes to 60 in the senate, giving the minority more power than the President; quite similar to the Roman Empire. This makes the votes of the public moot. Obama would have been more effective if he had been a white Southerner or Bachmann’s husband could make him and his family white. Otherwise nothing will change with another term.     

 Greed was a big part of the bubble that caused the recession. As Gordon Gekko says in “Money Never Sleeps,” everyone had greed. People bought homes they knew they couldn’t afford, cashed in their home equity to buy TVs, etc. The economy was based on debt – which we’ve now have plenty of! The holiday hysteria had people already in debt fighting to buy presents they couldn’t afford on high interest credit cards. Changing habits taught us by high power advertising is difficult.

Things look bleak for the common people as the wana be Presidential candidates want to return to the drip down economy of Reagan and Bush while others are in favor of installing a theocracy. Obama will suffer the same the same obstructions as his last term; so buckle your belts.     

 Steal money you’re a thief; steal a country you’re a king.



6 responses to “Yesterdays Blossoms Only a Memory Today

  1. Very interesting view of what limits Obama from being effective as a
    president. Can’t say I agree. But we do all need to curb our greed, and many have, or are at least on their way, due to current economic chaos.
    I am borrowing a quote. “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it!”
    Sherri Brawn

  2. I agree that the president has little power except over the acts of war. For that reason I would rather see Obama, who at least curbed our involvement with Libya and hasn’t acted too rash militarily rather then a president hell bent on using our muscle to nation build, or is that nation destroy.

  3. soooooo who do you think would be the best president if you had a magic wand and could appoint anyone?

  4. Since the turning a corporation into a person I don’t think it makes too much difference who is President. This resulted in the creation of the Super Pac which eliminates the power of the people. If the President had any power I would appoint me or Ralph Nader.

  5. Amen! And what limits the congress, senate and house are their contributors. I would vote for you, and Stephen Colbert is making a lot of sense right now too.
    As you know, I’m involved with the Occupy movement here in Nevada County and am a member of the Abolish Corporate Personhood group. We held a teach in yesterday which was very informative. One segment was a short cartoon explaining the issue. I found it on You tube and thought I would share… .

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