My Blushing Bride

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 Being carried away reminiscing about my youthful experiences I neglected to inform my viewers of the 63rd wedding anniversary of my wife and me last month.

 When I was single my object in life was to have a secure job, a nice wife, preferably a farmer’s daughter, a family, dog and a modest house with a white picket fence.

 I searched for a number of years and finally while teaching in Michigan I met an attractive young lady that met all my fantasies. For some unknown reason she became smitten with me and accepted my proposal.

 Her name was Opal and she lent me 10$ for a one day honeymoon. Even then she knew how to manage money. Our wedding wasn’t fancy as we were married by her father in the living room of their house.

 Since then she has been an excellent mother and wife. We had four children before we realized the cause of her pregnancies. She sewed all their cloths, managed our household budget, supported me in my work and advanced education.

 So I met all my objectives in marriage, but never had a white picket fence. She is as attractive today as 63 years ago and still smitten with her and think the marriage will last.  


5 responses to “My Blushing Bride

  1. What a lovely tribute. You make it all sound seamless and easy. What is your secret?

  2. Sounds like that picket fence you’ve wanted and waited for is actually the love you and your lovely bride have surrounded your home with throughout the years.

  3. You did well for yourself. She is an amazing woman with all the attributes that make for a wonderful life. She has made my life complete as well.

  4. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother, and you’ve always done that. We love both of you!

  5. Don, you are so droll! I agree that Opal is still beautiful, and I am astounded you are both old enough to be married for the length of my life!
    Sherri Brawn

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