America’s Empires



Class interests have always been buried behind the glib statements made about the past and present. National security has been used by politicians to justify anything they wish to do. Another view of this is the creation of fear; an effective instrument used to control the submissive public.

Congress and the media spend most of their time with distractions as know Americans have short attention spans and memories. We don’t really know the subjects discussed in these Super Committee meetings, but would wager weeks pay they don’t consider cutting the costs of wars we are engaged in. The costs in human lives and suffering have been forgotten; so let’s look for tax money already wasted and future expenditures.

If ordinary media coverage is any guide, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan hardly exist anymore and our 1 billion dollar escapade in Libya has faded into the abyss along with our expensive Desert Storm blunder. We are about to station troops in Australia and Africa. In a country with enough nuclear bombs to wipe out most countries in a few minutes, we still live in a world of erroneous fear.

Let’s skip the human carnage and mess we have created in the fallacious misnomer of protecting our freedom and examine places our deficit hawks could find a few dollars that could be used for hiring teachers, policemen, health care and promoting jobs. Rather than giving my information it may be more authentic with a quote from The Senate Foreign Committee report since Obama ordered most troops in Iraq to return home.

“Already the largest in the world, the American diplomatic mission in Iraq will expand further as the State Department takes on full responsibility for its own security.

The embassy compound will continue to be the center of American gravity. But it will be supported by a planned 15 satellite sites across the country: Three police training centers, two consulates, two embassy branch offices, and five Offices of Security Cooperation sites.

Roughly 17000 individuals are expected to be under “chief of missions authority,” mostly third world life support and security contractors. The number of American diplomats in Iraq is projected to remain at 650 with an additional several hundred functional staff posted at the embassy from a variety of other government agencies, including UDAID and the Department of Treasury, Justice and agriculture.”

It must be noted that this is the largest embassy ever built, while our neo-cons are about to cut funding for Medicare, Social Security and other entitlement programs for the middle class and indigent.

After the transition is completed the cost of the State Department will amount to 6 billion dollars yearly. The big winners in Iraq are defense contractors who sold more weapon systems than they could use without technical support from our defense department. Rather than going into the Trillion dollars already spent on this war and the never ending muddle in Afghanistan it must be noted that the army of private contractors will be provided with a larger stimulus package than Republican senate members will ever allow within U.S borders.

We presently have over 15 million unemployed and over 69 million living below the poverty line. Many of these indigents are children who had no choice as to the economic status of parents they were accidently born with. This also pertains to children of illegal immigrants. Those living above the poverty line find it difficult to fathom the lives of these unfortunate humans.

Men seem to love war, especially those in power. Those not doing the fighting get a greater thrill if they or their family aren’t evolved. The human race, from my study of history is tribal and with religious, political or imperialistic tendencies bringing the tribes together. War, whether needed or not, brings out the flags and bumper stickers.

As I have said before “Civilization is a remote ideal.”

Japanese Proverb: In wealth Many Friends,
In poverty not even Relatives.


5 responses to “America’s Empires

  1. yep. money, war, power. What to do?

  2. The only way I know to keep from sinking into an abyss of depression (over
    man’s inhumanity to man,) is to make my own sphere of influence as compassionate and service-oriented as I can. I despair of being able to stop
    the “good ‘ole boy” network of politics.
    I barely have sufficient influence in my town, never mind the nation and the world. Ask the Father of us all to change the hearts of our leaders? That even seems futile! Modern revelation, as well as propheticl records, indicate this is a symptom of the times we live in. Being as good as I can for as long as I can, is a full time job. Whatever influence for goodness I have, I shall use. The rest is beyond me, I’m afraid…

    • Sheryl: I have the same feeling of helplessness, but watched the union movement in the 30s where the men united and raised the standard of living for the working man. Change starts from the bottom up, but it takes time for these people to stand up for their rights. The occupy movement is on the right track, but need some powerful leaders to make good use of their power as a group.

      I have used articles in the paper and now my blog as my way of inspiring some people to work towards change. People can write letters to the editor or discussions in their church or other groups. You and your friends have access to my blog to express your feelings. I have had over 13000 views in the last year which is only a dent, but each of of these viewers may talk to 5 other people. I try to keep away from religion as try to make my points in other ways.

  3. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I have also been feeling discouraged about what is going on in our country. I appreciate the view that its important for us to spread truth and light within our realm of influence. I also feel that we need to be actively organized if we hope to see change as those seeking to take away our freedom and financially enslave us are very organized and powerful. We have power as consumers, and I hope someday we will be motivated to organize and force positive change.

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