Advice for the protesters

“Thou Shall not Bear False Witness

 A Yiddish proverb says a half truth is the same as a whole lie. If the proverb is valid we are living in a world of lies. Curmudgeons and cynics are those searching for the missing parts of the truth.

 One of my favorite historians Howard Zinn in his book “A Peoples history of the United States” exposes the history omitted or skimmed over in most of our textbooks by politicians, teachers and the media,

 One of his reasons for writing this book is “There are themes of importance to me which I found missing in orthodox history that dominated American culture. The consequences of the omissions has been simply to give to give a distorted view of the past, but more important, to mislead us about the present.

 “One can outright lie or omit certain facts which lead to an incorrect conclusion. Emphasizing certain facts or mentioning facts and quickly going on to something else are methods of concealing the truth.

  In Jon Winokur’s book Portable Curmudgeon I finnaly found myself. I thought of myself as an angry young man, but not being young anymore have now earned the title curmudgeon.

 Curmudgeons refuse to see life through the filter of wishful thinking and are outspoken about the harsh realities of life.  They attempt to bring to light the half truths for those viewing the world through rose colored glasses.

 The protesters and their parents could have solved the dilemma they find themselves in if they had listened to some of the curmudgeons and protested when President Reagan did away with anti trust laws and regulations for Wall Street and corporations plus starting the demise of unions. Instead he was reelected and had an airport named after him. You and your parents even reelected Bush for a second term. What you sow, so shall you reap.

 Protesters should have been out on the streets when Clinton passed NAFTA. Large companies are still moving to Mexico for cheaper labor. In the last few months Whirlpool and La -Z-Boy have moved at least 3 plants to Mexico. Buying other brands would get the attention needed for change. The public has the power if were willing to make some sacrifices.

 Removing your money from large banks is small move, but need to do more by taking more effective actions. Icon Steve Jobs, a multi billionaire, Needed more money so had his electronic devises assembled in China instead of providing jobs for Americans, Not purchasing these products would be more effective then withdrawing your money from banks. The same could be said about shopping at Wal-Mart whose products are all made in China. The same could be made about buying foreign cars etc. Don’t allow the money changer lead you into temptation Waving your signs and playing your drums is nice, but not productive.

Remember, the appetite of the rich is never satisfied.

 If a politician found he had cannibals among his constitutes, he would promise them missionaries for dinner. H.L.Mencken



3 responses to “Advice for the protesters

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Thanks so much for that article. You said sooooooooo much. Controlling where our money goes would make much more of an impact than anything else. We have power over how we spend and where we save/invest our money, but we need to be organized and do boycotts as a group if we hope to see change.

  2. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I’ve been thinking so much about this article. I remember when I first learned about NAFTA–way after the fact–and wondered how this could have happened without public debate and input. In many ways, we citizens are to blame for the current state of affairs. When our leaders pass something, such as NAFTA, behind the scenes, we should be holding their feet to the fire. This current fiasco with the Super Congress should never have been accepted. Whenever I hear the Administration promising great benefits through some legislation, I suspect that the earmarks attached are something that they are trying to slip by us without our notice. I sense our forefathers mourning as we let what they fought for, be stolen from us while our attention is elsewhere. Maybe now that it is finally hitting our pocketbooks, we’ll unite and demand change. Thanks for mentioning Walmart. I highly recommend a movie “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price” by Filmmaker Robert Greenwald

  3. I love what you said about buying American made. There was a post I read about instead of buying stuff made overseas (ipods, electronics) or toys made in china (walmart….) to keep our money here. Some ideas were to get someone gift certificate for a hair cut or massage, Have your wife’s car detailed at the local auto shop, eat at a local restaurant, etc… buy giving services and locally made products for the holidays we can support each other and keep people working.

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