Country Club Debaters

Lots of Startling News This Week.

Moammar  Ghaddafi’s elimination cost the taxpayers enough money to hire back many teachers and firefighters. Those hawks with a war fetish complain that Obama should have spent the money earlier. Those in favor of toppling hostile dictators around the world should watch Woody Allen’s movie “Bananas.”

Obama screwed up again, according to the war hawks, by removing all our troops from Iraq as we now have to worry about the influence of Iran. Unless my memory has failed me Iraq’s population was 2/3rds Shiite and Saddam Husain kept them in tow with his dictatorial power. Although Iran is a Persian and predominantly a Shiite country it may have a better relationship with Iraq as their government is now in the hands of the Shiites.

I was surprised, while attacking Iraq, a couple of members of the Intelligence Committee weren’t aware of the Sunnis and Shiites. Many of our congress members and those running for President must have received poor grades, not only in World history but in American history. I feel much safer with another Dictator toppled; especially a dictator with WMDS. If we hadn’t killed Hussein we wouldn’t need to worry about Iran.

Condi Rice comes clean! While in the White House she defended or was evasive about many of the doings of the Bush Administration. Her new book clears her conscience as she is now safe. I always considered her as very intelligent and wondered about her support of the war in Iraq and her concern about the Big Dark Cloud.

                                            Wall Street Protesters

The Protesters are still protesting. Some are sincerely angry and I support their efforts, but wonder if it results in any significant changes in our economy. The protesters need more than publicity and signs. They must come out with enough leverage to threaten those in office and the pocketbooks of corporations. Not lining up to buy all the new technological gadgets is one example of getting the attention of stock holders on Wall Street. The 99% has a lot of power if willing to make sacrifices. The union movement in the 30s used this power of the people to get managements attention.

                                The Country Club Members Debates

 The leader in the campaign, Romney, claims Obama doesn’t have the business background he has, which is true. Romney made his millions running a private equity company that make their money through leveraged buyouts in which they acquire companies and then borrow against them with the intent of selling them in a few years making a substantial profit.

 To simplify the above lets look at one buyout. Romney’s company bought Ampad that was doing well and borrowed $400 million against it burdening it with debt. This forced them to lay off hundreds of workers and they lost so much money it went out of business. Stockholders were wiped out and creditors were paid fifty cents on a dollar. Romney’s company made an overall profit of $100 million on the deal.    

 This was only one of the many companies paving the road to Romney’s fortune. It was said that this world of private equity looks like robber barons and Romney comes out of this world. Romney was right, Obama didn’t have this type of business experience.

 If we elected another black President like Herman Cain, I wonder if congress would say no to most of his proposals. He is interesting, but too black to win.

 Gunslinger Perry has run out of stupid blunders and has joined the group questioning Obama’s birth certificate. 

Bachmann and Santorum are quite humorous with their homophobia. I wouldn’t be surprised if they suggested putting all the gays, Bachmann’s husband couldn’t cure, on a deserted island in the Pacific. They could also put all the gays in the military in the same division so they couldn’t molest the heterosexuals.

The other candidates receiving no publicity aren’t worth discussing.

Was it the Obama administration that passed the TARP Bill bailing out Wall Street or some other administrations and congressional members still in office?  

In closing; Lindsey Lohan is in trouble again and Ashton Kutcher had a wild night of sex with a 22 year old girl. Older men or women marrying extremely younger partners are like buying a book for someone else to read.  

                                           That’s the way it is.


6 responses to “Country Club Debaters

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    To the brutal point as always…… Concerning your mention of the potential influence of the protests, it occurred to me that perhaps a more powerful demonstration would be to boycott something. For example, if all Americans boycotted Hollywood movies, soda products, alcohol, meat or something with a powerful lobby until there was a change, you can bet there would be an effect a lot sooner than as a result of protesters with signs.

  2. The Occupy movement is a citizens revolt that is in it’s infancy. If you go to the Occupy New York website and explore, you’ll see there’s more going on behind the scenes than just the protesters with signs.

  3. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Thanks for that Link. Very interesting………….I will stay tuned into it. Today Max Keiser also interviewed John Barry Marlow of the Grateful Dead who talked about the Wall Street Movement….I also recommend it to you. It’s so interesting to be a part of this history in the making.

  4. It is amazing how just a little different slant can make everything look so much clearer. The hawks love a good fight and they never mention the cost in real dollars. I find it amazing that the costs of war are rarely equated with the cost of jobs here at home.

  5. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Good point, Nue!

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