The Natives are Restless

The Awakening

 When the belly is full the eyelids close. When the belly starts to empty the eyes open.

 It is surprising it has taken so long for these protests to take place, but our masters have a way of creating a buffer between the haves and have-nots to keep the Natives from becoming restless. When the positive effects of WWII wore off banks and investment bankers were deregulated to keep the masses content with easy credit. This was part of the free markets strategy of increasing profits.

 Using unrestricted Credit Cards and mortgage loans the masses were kept happy with fancy cars, large houses with elaborate counter tops and any thing they wished to purchase with the swipe of a card. When the credit became due the flamboyant style of life was reversed.

 It is pleasing to witness the protesters come to life all over the country, but it must continue and grow to obtain any changes in the power of corporate greed as any modification of our economic system will take time and sacrifices by the protesters.

 When my parents were involved in the unionization of two large plants they endured 18 months of violent picketing to drive away hired strike breakers. This sacrifice allowed them to enter the middle class.

 The signs carried by the protesters could have been designed by Ralph Nader who has been espousing these opinions for many years to a deaf public. I also have written a number of newspaper articles warning of these inequalities and received little support for my premonitions. It was called class warfare which I support.

 These protests have been taking place since our countries inception. Before the Revolutionary War the natives became restless. The Slave, Indians and Indentured Servants bonded and intermarried and had mild revolts. The Masters formed Militias to protect themselves. During the war North Carolina didn’t participate in the war as the fear of their servants was so great they needed their militia to protect their sovereignty. This was one of the major reasons for the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights for regulated militias to bear arms.

 The protesters should be admired for their vigilantes and must not falter as their only success will be influencing the members of congress who should control investment bankers and the behavior of Corporate America. Workers have more power than they think.

 Japanese Proverb: A Good Horse Only Needs The Shadow of the Whip.




4 responses to “The Natives are Restless

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Will you please give a link to your article on class warfare….I’m trying to find it and re-read it, but can’t find it. Thanks!

  2. The protesters demonstrate patriotism. These are the proud Americans that believe in our constitution and our freedoms. I am inspired to see so many people out demanding justice.

  3. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    A few months ago during a protest in France, one of the protesters said that in Europe the government is afraid of the people, but in America the people are afraid of the government. It seems that the Americans finally have reached the limit and are willing risk protesting. It’s good to see the masses fighting the real financial terrorists rather than being sucked into the the democrats vs republicans political theater. I’m grateful that the message is being sent that bailing out wall street and the bankers and letting the people loose homes and jobs isn’t ok, but I’m still not hopeful of the powerful releasing their grip without a blood bath.

  4. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I just listened to Peter Schiff talk about the protests. he is wondering why it is Wall Street and not the government that is being targeted in the protests. He reminds us that the government bailed out the banks. According to capitalism, the banks and investors would have failed; not be given the opportunity to shift their losses onto the backs of tax -payers. He said that It was government guaranteed mortgages which took the risk out of mortgage lending, a tax code that gave people the incentive to buy when they should have been renting and the Federal Reserve that kept interest levels low. Peter said that this is what created the problem; not capitalism. He said that Washington is giving capitalism a really bad name and that the problems are not because of capitalism; capitalism takes the blame and then the government uses the outrage to grow its power even more. He said that the ironic result is that the more government grows the bigger the problems get.

    Of course the problem with our economy is much deeper than this and has been growing for years, with much graft and corruption within the government, Federal Reserve, Wall Street, bankers and investors.

    His is just one view, but it rings true to me on several levels.

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