Tweedeldom and Tweedeldee

Masters and Servants

 Everyone should know that since the beginning of time people have been divided into two categories, masters and servants and will remain that way until the end of time.   

The sad thing is that each one can’t survive without the other. The employers are called the job creators, but they would reap no profits without workers. In a fair and just society profit sharing would be just and compassionate.   

Our present society is a purely money-and market oriented world and questions of right, justice and betterment of society is a thing of the past. Tony Judt in his book “Ill Fares Land” writes

“We no longer ask of a judicial ruling or legislative act: is it good? Is it fair? Is it just? Is it right? Will it bring about a better society or better world? Those use to be the political questions, even if they invite no easy answers. We must learn once again how to pose them.  

The present crop of contestants for the plush seats in government haven’t really given these questions the light of day. One could blame the voters for electing people who are serving the masters rather than the servants, but as Helen Keller wrote in 1911-

 “Our democracy is but a name. We vote? What does that mean? It means that we choose between two bodies of real though not avowed autocrats. We choose between Tweedlemdum and Tweedledee…. Have men with their millions of votes freed themselves from this injustice?

My answer to Helen is No. I see only one well qualified candidate for President, but he is at the bottom of the pack. I’m referring to Jon Huntsman and congress is a lost cause.  

The young people involved in the Wall Street protests must be encouraged, but will have little effect on corporate dominance as they own our congress, responsible for the lack of a fair and just society. The tea Party had some success because they were financed by the Masters. I have participated in many protests to no avail.

The last protest I was involved in was the march in San Francisco before the Iraq War, but approved by both parties in congress. If our protest had received half the media coverage of the Tea Party demonstrations it may have had more influence, but doubt it.

Unless our political system is completely revamped no amount of protests by a few of the servants will cause any significant change.

Government is designed to provide safety, security and prosperity to all citizens. Government can play a compassionate role in our lives without threatening our liberty. This is contained in the introduction of the Constitution. 

After watching the debates, the present members of congress and an ineffective President it appears that voters again will have the choice of Tweedeldom and Tweedleledee.

Breaking News!!!!! Since posting this article all is not lost. Joe the Plumber is running for congress and will fit in with our present members!!












One response to “Tweedeldom and Tweedeldee

  1. Considering how much it costs to run a campaign we will choose between who the rich present us with. In 2008 Obama got many small donations from individuals, our family being one of them. I doubt this will happen for the upcoming election because when he got in power he didn’t campaign to push things through for the individual. Instead he made sure not to hurt himself politically with the rich.

    We all had hope, we actually thought that “yes we can”, however I believe that idealism in our elected officials has died.

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