The Good Old Days

Life in the 20s & 30s

 A study of the human brain has claimed that the frontal lobe begins to slowly deteriorate at 40 and is completely vanishes by age 80.  The more the frontal lobe dissipates the more the brain rejects all human frailties-envy, ambition and greed and uses pure logic inherited from memories.   

 My frontal lobe disappeared many years ago and my short term memory is disappearing, but my memory of the distant past has been extremely crystallized.

 My memories of the “Good Old Days” of the 1920s and 30s are still vivid in my mind. We didn’t have the worry of Obamacare, Medicaid or Medicare. This had the advantage of people dying at a younger age lessening the need for Medicare or care of the elderly. Instead of nursing home they were warehoused in large facilities called “Poor Houses” in their waning days.   

 Those not able to afford doctors used home remedies. The only time these people went to the Dentist was for a severe tooth ache in a molar. Other teeth were extracted by tying a string around the tooth and a door knob and slamming the door.

 Government support of unemployment insurance or welfare was nonexistent as were disability benefits. Without unions job creators didn’t have to pay overtime, vacations with pay or regulated working conditions so there was no need for them to create jobs overseas.

 The lack of regulation on Wall Street allowed 5 or 6 wealthy men the privilege of controlling the market. To entice people to buy when the market went up people were allowed to buy on margin at a low percentage of the price, making them victims of the free market and when these men sold for a profit it caused the stocks to go down, producing a loss for those sucked into the market when it was rising.  “People of the world worship many different Gods, but the one God they have in common is money.

 Moral issues weren’t as prevalent as today as the purists hadn’t found the sentences in the Good Book about Homosexuals and abortions were conducted in back room garages.

 Interracial and inter  religious marriages were frowned on. Anti-Semitism was overt. Prohibition was the big moral issue of that period which introduced organized crime that still exists today.

 We had a short period after WWII when some of these inequities in life improved for some citizens, but the new zealots in politics are franticly searching for a candidate comparable to Presidents Coolidge and Hoover who reversed the Progressive Era trend of regulating big business and lowering tariffs. These policies generally gave corporations free rein, raised protective tariffs, and cut taxes for the rich. Big business and wealthy businessmen especially benefited from these policies.

 These are some of my memories of “The Good Old Times” which weren’t as wonderful as expected by those with Libertarian views. The gap between the different classes has been eternal and will remain in tact, but should be narrowed. Moderation has been my mantra in most aspects of life.

 Japanese Proverb

We Can Stand 

Severest Pain Three Years

When Someone Else

Is Suffering



2 responses to “The Good Old Days

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Your proverb said it all…………..thanks for sharing your perspective!

  2. I appreciate the trials and determination that those persons in the labor movement had to bring some equality for workers. I guess it is too far past and we have forgotten how bad it can get when all regulations are gone and greed is able to prevail. Perhaps the people will unite again otherwise we will see how those in the 20’s and 30’s lived as we will be back in their position.

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