Disney Land History

Anticipation is Greater than Realization

 I’ve been around the block more than a few times so am only partially disillusioned with Obama’s performance. Politicians are elected by their unachievable promises. I voted for him for a number of reasons. The major reason was black citizens needed this recognition after being third class citizens since colonial days.

 Our first Black President is intelligent with a well educated wife and two adorable black children. These are not attributes for a certain segment of the population. I will discuss Obama’s performance later.

 We have two major events occurring when congress returns. The Super Committee formed to solve our budget problems and the President’s speech at a joint session of congress on Sept. 8th. After an analysis of these two futile ceremonies by the pundits, nothing of any consequence will change. There may be a few crumbs swept off the table as show for the electorate. The simple coherent response will be lower taxes, less government and freedom. The response doesn’t designate who will partake of this freedom or whose taxes will be lowered.

 Our government is slowly being returned to the 18th &19th century where we had three classes with a restoration of a white washed version of slavery. I haven’t been a student of Disney Land History and realize the Revolutionary War wasn’t fought for freedom from taxation without representation for the common people, but for the large slave holding farmers and merchants. This is the form of government Obama’s opponents want back.

 Eric Alterman after sitting next to The President during a meeting made the following comment: “I came away impressed with his poise, his self-confidence and intelligence.” These characteristics along with being Black are not representative of a modern politician.

 Obama’s domestic problems were predictable because of one of these characteristics and a concentrated drive by his opposition for his failure kept the country in a planned stalemate. His failure was more important than the welfare of the people.

 Prior to his inauguration the Piranha were eating away at him and has continued through his tenure. When the press smelled blood they circled the body like a hoard of vultures.

 I do have a problem with his foreign policy as maintaining troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, on the advice of military personnel, is a costly effort financially and in lives. Military officers are experts in fighting wars, but not in foreign policy. We also have a few in congress with a war fetish. Our action in Libya is also unprovoked and costly.

 With all the efforts to unseat him his future looks bright with the opposite party scrapping the bottom of the barrel for a candidate. We have two Bible thumping candidates; one another gun toting Texan and the other a depth less woman with meaningless solutions to all problems. The two candidates with some depth will be victims of the religious right.

 There are dark days ahead as the money changers now have complete control of the government and have reached a point of no return. This will become a way of life without extreme actions by the oppressed.

 Have a nice day!       


3 responses to “Disney Land History

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I want to trust that President Obama is doing his best in this tough situation, however it appears that his words speak to the interests of the people but his actions continually support Wall Street and the Banksters. Hearing him talk about Jobs now, after what we’ve seen in the past three years, doesn’t move me. If we’ve learned one thing in the past three years it is that our congressmen are more interested in getting themselves re-elected than in doing what is in the best interest of those they are supposedly representing.

  2. Your comment is valid, but what was our alternative, Mc Cain and Palin or our choices from the new candidates now campaigning for his job?

    We must remember there were no alternatives for creating jobs acceptable to the critics who created this mess with the powerless too timid to fight the establishment. Reread my last paragraph.

  3. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Yes, I hear you. The money changers do have complete control….it’s just that I had this hope that Obama would battle them as he promised he would. If he tried to fight for the improvement of the economy or was willingly controlled by Wall Street, Bankers and the Federal Reserve is something we may never really know. I wonder what it will take for the “timid” to stand up and fight the establishment….maybe empty bellies will someday create incentive.

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