Need for a New Party

A New Party By

David Clague

 It seems our society is ripe for a new party, a counter part to the tea party; a labor party comparable to England’s? Such a party could be the logical result of what the Democrat politicians profess to represent, as the tea party, in many ways, is what the Republicans profess to represent.

This article makes me think of a quote that I heard from Michael Moore on a talk show, “The economic crisis is merely a product of extreme greed. The wealth is all still here in the U.S.; it’s just been redistributed into the pockets of the wealthy.”

What amazes me is that the poor and the middle class buy the lie of the politicians who are controlled by the wealthy. I think of the movie ‘The Matrix’ when Morpheus asks Neo to choose between the red and the blue pill. One pill would allow Neo to go back and live in captivity in a state of delusion created by his captors; the other pill would release Neo from his captivity and force him to live in the harsh reality in the “real” world created by his captors, a scorched earth.

It amazes me that the 99% of the poor and what is left of the middle class chooses to take the pill that causes them to live in delusion, captivity. I suppose that the media is “the pill” that perpetuates the false reality that protects the wealthy while all of us poor and struggling vote to support the wealthy and their schemes.

Amazingly, the masses persist in delusion. We are seeing the result of “a system” that has over-milked the masses for our meager resources and breaking the entire system, yet the masses persist in believing the lie and live captive to a ship on a collision course with a proverbial ice-berg.

My parting thought comes from the Apostle Paul “The love of money is ‘the root’ of all kinds of evil.” mmmmmm that sounds familiar. Is there a connection between crime, injustice and all kinds of sin associated with the love of money? Aren’t “the so called people of faith” supporting those politicians who fight tooth and nail to protect and preserve “the love of money”?

Will we take the blue or red pill? Do we want to provide hope and a future for our families? or do we want to believe the lie, live in want and vicariously live through the selfish/wealthy? Believe me, the wealthy are wealthy because they are greedy and selfish. Welcome to the real world



4 responses to “Need for a New Party

  1. In reediting I lost the comments from Sali Cosfor Parker and Luanne, due to lack of computer knowledge

  2. Sali Cosford Parker

    Remember the John Birch Society who was convinced the Illuminati were alive and well? Just for the hell of it, let’s make politicians, bankers and the ultra-wealthy drop trow. We can count tails!

  3. It is truly refreshing to find someone who can actually see through the veil of lies and try in his own way to reach the masses with a wakeup call!
    If all these politicians truly wanted to help our economy, you would think that they would work for altruistic reasons and donate thier salaries to the deficit. After all, a poor person never becomes a politician! It takes a personal fortune to get there!
    Keep up the good blogging!

  4. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I hardly have the stomach to watch the upcoming election fervor. From the democrat reign of the Clintons, through the republican Bush years and now into the democrat Obama ordeal the same agenda is unveiled and pushed forward. Why don’t the democrats and republicans quit fighting with each other and instead focus on those who are truly undermining the freedom and potential prosperity of the US citizens? Oh, yeah, because mainstream media is controlled by those who are serving the “pill” of delusion. I remember well a comment aired during a demonstration in France. The citizen said, “In France, the government is afraid of the people, but in America the people are afraid of the government.” Afraid, distracted, ignorant and complacent.

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