Daylight Robbery

Pent up Anger

 The current unemployed and those losing their home are angry, but haven’t reached the point yet of our fellow humans living in the slums of our cities.

 There’s a difference between being born below the poverty level in our ghettos with little chance of any improvement and the emerging poor. Those born from parents who have lived and were educated in this predicament harbor a different type of anger than new occupants of unemployment, fostered on them by the greedy.

 This isn’t a recent phenomenon as our country was formed with slaves and indentured servants. The working classes since became indentured to those using them to amass their fortunes and those in the ghettos are contiguous to the status of black slaves.

 Those with little hope have a restrained or pent-up anger that when ignited by an inhuman event use violence to release their anger. The rioting in the Middle East and London and other places by the underclass is similar to the many riots we have experienced throughout history.  

 Naomi Klein refers to these riots as nighttime robbery. Little has been talked about the elites committing daytime robbery. The Banks and Wall Street robbing the populous and being bailed out with no consequences is more damaging than a few angry young people with shopping carts. They may be breaking the law, but condemning them and not the money changers is in my opinion not just.          

 Daylight robbery has much to do with nighttime robbery. With more people dropping toward the poverty level we will have more nighttime robbery. Previously the middle class were offered a union job, a good affordable education, health insurance and a livable pension. They are slowly moving toward the growing underclass and may be stuck there like indentured servants. The bankers and hedge fund managers are the ones expounding the need to give up these benefits, using groups like the Tea Party followers to hoodwink the public.

 I could go back to the 1800s to list many uprising then identified as the undeserving poor, but have said enough on this subject.

 Remember: “Another man’s disease is easier to endure”





3 responses to “Daylight Robbery

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Well Said!!!! I couldn’t agree more. What is mind boggling is the energy with which the masses demand harsh sentences for the rioters who looted, while allowing mainstream media to divert our attention away from those who have looted our public coffers and are causing the “austerity measures” that are being forced upon us. White collar crimes are overlooked, but the “prison riots” of the downtrodden are to exact a heavy toll.

  2. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Today on NPR they said that in England one looter was give 6 months jail term for taking a pair of shorts. I agree that looters should be prosecuted, but it’s hard to see the justice when we think of the way President Bush excused the behavior of Wall Street by saying, “Let’s face it, Wall Street got drunk.” I note that finally now that S&P may be messing up the stock market, they are being investigated for giving AAA rating to the Toxic Mortgage loans. Let’s think of all the people who are homeless now as a result of what S&P did, and compare that with stealing a pair of shorts….wow….it seems like the anger will just grow and grow.

  3. Vicki,

    You were a witness to pent up anger in 1968 while in a High School with 60% of the students were from the Projects in Columbia Park on the day Martin Luther King was assassinated and a 3 day riot broke out.

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