Our Pseudo Elections

Mind Control

Our pseudo elections are not only hilarious but discouraging. The media has made elections a travesty. The candidates, including the President speak in generalities that mean nothing. The cry of all contestants is, cut taxes and reduces spending. They are reluctant to specify whose taxes will be cut and which specific programs will be cut and how much will be needed for a balanced budget. There seems to be an illusion that jobs can be created by cutting taxes without spending any money.

 In accordance with my blog on limiting politicians to one six year term, it is evident congressional members and the President will be in a constant struggle for reelection, rather than the welfare of the people. This puts non-humans, like corporations, in charge of the government.

  In contrast to the rhetoric spewed out by our politicians the Nordic region has the world’s highest taxes and most generous welfare benefits. Yet Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark have had strong growth and low unemployment, ranking among the world’s most competitive economies. Their companies are strong in technology and research and development. Their health-care, pensions and educational systems for all are much admired and most Nordic states run a healthy budget and current-account surpluses. There will always be some negative aspects to their government, but they have attained many of the goals we are pursuing.

 Corporations use slogans, wars, red scares, terrorism and mind controlling devices or words to regiment the lower class. This article will generate the fear of a mind controlling word socialism.

 Over my tenure popular pressure achieved a cycle of progress and we gained victories for freedom and democracy followed by regression. We are experiencing this regression today. Power forces unite to reverse this progress. Through time the ruling class moves steadily upward until there is enough pressure to reverse the cycle. During any economic crisis, war, or famine, the rich get richer and poor get poorer. The poor even help arrange it. Some refer to this fluctuation as the business cycle, but I attribute it to the class struggle between popular demand and corporate power.

 The present election is another move toward the downward movement of the lower class with candidates completely controlled by money. We seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for representatives.  

I think this short analysis gives another unfettered view of democracy at work and should stimulate some thought, at least by the unemployed and those losing their houses.

I would be amiss if omitting the fact that the Nordic countries aren’t involved in three wars and don’t have troops stationed in 93 different countries. This subject is evidently taboo in the media and political deliberations.



3 responses to “Our Pseudo Elections

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Thank you for that well written and thought provoking article. Watching this election begin, with Bachmann knocking Pawlenty out of the race early on, is like watching the beginning episode of “Survivor.” I agree with your choice of words, our elections have become a “travesty” and I fear that they echo the maturity level of the USA masses. This “super congress” is another good example of why your idea of limiting congressmen to one term is applicable. Our leaders are so polarized by their focus on re-elections that they are handing over their responsibility for budget issues to a select few. It could be humorous if it wasn’t so alarmingly dangerous.

  2. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Here’s a link to video about mind control that is rather controversial.

  3. It is difficult to watch another election coming to pass. Seems like we just got done with a campaign, or is it all a campaign? Someone is running the country, but I doubt that they are the front persons making the speeches.

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