Mental Midgets


Longer Vacations for Congress

 We all can relax now and enjoy the relief of our congress being on vacation until September. I would favor extending their vacation until January so they can’t do any more damage to our country. My feeling is Whew!

 When I lived in the real world it was my perception that if you had an hour to accomplish a task you would complete it in an hour. If you had two hours to do the same task you would take two hours. If I were King I would restrict congress to six month a year in Washington and spend the other six month in visiting the homes of the unemployed, homeless, and schools in the ghettos, to get a feel of some of the invisible members of society.

 I would also alter their terms and the president to six years, allowing them only one term so they wouldn’t be able to run for reelection for any office. The membership would be staggered so we had members with different lengths of service so would have members with a variety of experience. My observations have led me to believe that you don’t have to be a mental giant to serve in congress.

 We need many more changes in our system of government, so these would just be baby steps in the right direction. I’m not naive enough to think any changes of this magnitude will occur without some mystical intervention.

 Business is in complete control of the workings of government so why have the pretense that we the people have any control. The framers would be appalled at the take over of the government by corporations rather than persons of flesh and blood.

 They had a different design in mind. James Madison thought “power should be in the hands of the wealthy—the more capable of men” He felt they were more capable then men without property. Property had no rights, but property owners should have extra rights beyond those of citizens generally- sounds similar to Plato’s Republic and the tea party.

 We could save time and money if we eliminated congress and delegated the lobbyist the job of running the country.





4 responses to “Mental Midgets

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    “Business is in complete control of the workings of government so why have the pretense that we the people have any control. ” That sentence said it all! However, it’s not all business, only a handful of businesses, and their banker buddies. We thought President Obama would represent us, but he is as much in the pocket of the bankers and large corporations as the “paid-off” congressmen.

  2. I agree with the one term limit on offices. Give them the six years so they learn the ropes and have some time to do something without the fear of the upcoming election.

  3. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I’m frustrated today. Last night on PBS some Syrian protesters were interviewed. It was revealed that they have facebook sites. I am hesitant to check them out as I suspect our web activity is tracked and wonder of the consequences of exploring “questionable” sites.
    Also last night on PBS we saw footage of the riots in England and were told that the protesters are mainly young teenagers, and that they are rioting because one unarmed protester was shot by police. Why was there no mention of the real reason they (citizens of all ages) are protesting–austerity measures, and anger over governmental policies. I’m frustrated.

  4. Colleen Dorsey for Joyce Weber

    A very thought provoking article. I appreciate your insight.
    Cousin Joyce

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