Battling Parties

The Demise of the Two Party System

While in high school I didn’t do too well with girls as was insecure in this area. Le Roy, who wasn’t especially handsome, had the girls falling all over him, so I asked him, “What’s your secret in attracting girls?”answered in one sentence, “I sweet talks them.”

  Le Roy’s secret came in handy for me 63 years ago when I  was smitten with a lovely farmer’s daughter and sweet talked her into marrying me and have been sweet talking her ever since.

 Sweet talk works well in these instances, but doesn’t always work that well dealing with politicians and the economy. Since Obama’s election the two party system has finally reached the potential of destroying any semblance left of a fair democracy. Similar to colonial days the government again lies in the hands of a small percentage of the population. We had a short respite of equality, but has been slowly usurped by the ruling class.

 Observing the Federal and State politicians govern I don’t know whether to laugh or weep. The two battling parties bring to mind the 1878-1891 legendary feud between the Hatfield-Mc Coy families. No Winners.  

 President Obama not only inherited an unsolvable economic mess, fostered by an inadequate congress, but two unwinnable wars. He mistakenly had the allusion that using Le Roy’s philosophy of sweet talk he could create a joint effort to benefit the country. I hope he has learned he was whistling in the dark.

 While he still had the power received from his election he should have used his gifted oratory skills and engaged the hostile forces working for his failure. An administrator must realize he only have a short window of time to make changes. Compromise and gentleness are to be used after sweet talking the public. Fear is a two way street and antagonistic opponents must be disquieted before they become too arrogant.

 He now has another chance of exposing those with all the answers by allowing them to put their money where their mouths are. Mark Twain said that “If you hold a cat by the tail you learn things you cannot learn in any other way.” The public doesn’t usually react much unless it affects them personally. Allow the patriots with tea bags dangling from their hats hold the cat by the tail by publishing their cuts in taxes and programs in detail so those affected by the cuts and tax cuts have a learning experience. They may be right, but it better not affect my taxes or programs. We must learn to live with the natural consequences of our actions.

 I covered this subject in my blog “Give a Man Enough Rope and He Will Hang Himself,” but  have a feeling the President doesn’t read my Blog,  so am trying again. I am aware the President intellect and education is exceedingly superior to mine, but I have children older than him and learned more practical things about life by talking to older people. I’m presently at a standstill as there aren’t many people older than me to talk to.     




3 responses to “Battling Parties

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Thank you for that excellent article! I was full of hope for “Change” and cried during Obama’s inauguration speech. However, when he enlisted the same people who created the financial mess we are in to be on his staff to “fix” the problem, my eyes began to truly open to the fact that we have seen the ‘demise of the two party system.’ It seems that we’ve turned power over to the lobbyist for the wealthy, the military leaders and the Federal Reserve.

    I want to blame the rich and powerful who have taken over, but feel that we, the masses, have allowed them to manipulate and control us. While I don’t agree with everything the Tea Party represents, they do seem to be making a stand, which is more than I see from most Americans. As you say, until it hits our pocketbooks most of us are not focusing on our responsibility to see that our Representatives represent us. To have the freedoms we say we want, we need to take responsibility and be willing to make sacrifices. One of those sacrifices must be to stay informed. Are we doing that?

  2. I’m presently at a standstill as there aren’t many people older than me to talk to. …Ha, ha you made me laugh. My uncle who lived to be very old said one of the hardest things about being very old is that everyone he knew (friends) were gone. I think our problems are deep and can be found throughout the system. “They may be right, but it better not affect my taxes or programs. ” People like to point fingers and think is someone or something else that is to blame for the mess in the economy and government but we need to start in the mirror before and then look to change. jb

  3. Luanne Clague

    I think that the philosophy of not spending more then you make is a good one, and can see how the public can grasp that idea. What I don’t understand is that the other way to balance things is to increase your revenue so you can afford your spending. There doesn’t seem to be as much of an outcry for dropping the tax cuts, especially on the rich. I think it would be good to publish the proposed cuts and also the kickbacks and loopholes that the rich are using to not add to our revenue.

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