Titillating News

Frankfurter Gate

 These days we are constantly told we live in an information society. On the contrary we live in a media society, saturating us with usually repetitive information that is controlled and safe.

 The past few weeks, like most weeks, the media has over shadows less titillating news. A couple of insignificant ongoing sex dalliances prevalent since the creation of our country has crowded out the real news we should hear, such as the number of civilians and soldiers losing their lives  involved in the Middle East, the endless wrangling over the budget or the plight of the indigent members of our society.

 For the last six months the air waves and print have overwhelmed the public with the likes of Arnold playing house with his housekeeper,    replaying John Edward’s mussing his hair up with an ambitious women and the latest 2+ weeks of overbearing coverage of Anthony Weiner’s wiener. He evidently was proud of this appendage and wanted to share it on Twitter. I have written about these in a former blog, but most of these newsworthy exploits have had no affect on my life except that hot dogs have lost their appeal to me since Weiner’s wiener unveiling.

 My question is, with all the unveiled corruption and immoral activities taking place daily in Washington, did Weiner’s indiscreet affair deserve over two weeks of hoopla on all news outlets?

 The Penis hasn’t received this much attention since God required all Jewish men to be circumcised before the Exodus. This edict was probably the rapid growth of the Jewish population needed a temporary damper before the 40 year Exodus.

  I read about a group writing laws to outlaw circumcision of babies as feel it is barbaric. I hope they don’t require circumcised men to have a foreskin installed.

The congressman’s misconception was explained by a female comedian on John Stewart’s program admitting that women weren’t that interested in seeing a man’s penis.

My solution to this ongoing dilemma of politicians and sex offenders would be a penis bracelet that emitted a shock when they had an erection; simple answer to a complex problem.

 I have wandered on this subject as wanted to use this incident as an example of the over zealous media giving no thought to the harm they are doing to the family members of those effected by this unneeded hoopla.  

 I had planned to write about the power of the media, but was caught up in the hysteria of a mindless act of a congressman, so will cover the media in a future essay.




3 responses to “Titillating News

  1. Luanne Clague

    You had me in stitches!!!

  2. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Very important topic…and well presented…..how I long for a free press, one not controlled by government and special corporate interests. How can we trust the news presented on PBS, for example, when we are aware that it is underwritten by Bank of America and Monsanto. Whenever the media is diverting our attention to some ridiculous story, we have to wonder what they are drawing our attention away from. I have to agree with you in that I wish they could find something more interesting to bombard us with than
    the sexual exploits of government officials.

  3. Hahahaha!!

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