Flag Waving


American Exceptionalism?

 We vote for politicians who promise us tax cuts, entitlement programs, costly foreign nation-building and balanced budgets; why don’t we have it? Logical thinking people realize this is a deception that will only take place in Camelot or another Utopia we are all searching for.

Michael Kinsley, a frequent guest of William Buckley on his program Firing Line makes the following statement; “The notion that this country is divinely sanctioned with a special mission in the world has become a litmus test for patriotism. The theory that Americans are better than everybody else is endorsed by an over whelming majority of U.S voters.”

Waving a flag is fine but remember; it is only a symbol and we must be aware that a country doesn’t progress unless recognizing that they may not have the happiest people in the world. Compared to Third World countries we are superior, but the past is deteriorating while many other countries are passing us economically, in energy, infrastructure and other areas.

None of this is simple incompetence. For decades we have seen social services-education-policing-public healthy-environmental protection-and infrastructure steadily declining from tax cuts for the wealthy and military spending. For half a century free market purists have denigrated the essential role that government performs as some terrible liberal plot. Politicians have duped lower and middle classed whites into believing their economic pains are a result of too much government while corporate profits and CEO salaries soared.

I’ve been disappointed in most politicians and the voters with their total disregard of the underbelly of society here and abroad. They have been hidden from society since they finished their fighting for the wealthy slave owning beneficiaries of the American Revolution and forgotten soon after. These are people who have been abandoned to their fate as it is the gods of greed that seem to rule.

The Hockey Mom who purchased a winter home in Scottsdale AZ. in the million dollar range considers herself a member of the Real America. I am familiar with the Real America in Scottsdale which didn’t look like the real America I’m familiar with.

Part of Real America came back into view during Katrina, but has now faded into the sunset. Watching the haplessness of a permanent underclass of African Americans living in New Orleans’s ghettos is shameful. Even before the hurricane they lived in rotting housing complexes, attend ill equipped schools, and lacking adequate police protection. This section of American life is duplicated in most cities today, only the white population is creeping into this same category of Americans. Help for the indigent is vilified by using the word Socialism. I define it Insensitivity or UN American.    

Americans want to flaunt their flags they must provide something besides food kitchens, food banks and homeless shelters to aggrandize our country. I commend those volunteers that provide these essentials for those needs, which I donate to, but this doesn’t provide the dignity that humans need for a healthy esteem of ones self and others.

I was too young during the 30s depression to be humiliated by soup lines and charity, but am aware of what this does to those in this situation. Those of us still living without charity and a roof over our heads can be oblivious to those other humans, but something in our political system must be changed if we want to glorify our country and please don’t use the words freedom or liberty as an excuse. History proves that change comes from the bottom up.  

My concerns don’t meet the litmus test of a patriot, but one’s views are a product of one’s life experiences.  


5 responses to “Flag Waving

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I find myself saying “Amen” or “Right On” or “Indeed” after every paragraph of this article. Thanks!!!

  2. I’m in tears. One of your best!

  3. You make a compelling argument for change. Perhaps you can write an argument for how to change things. Seeing a problem is good but then when need to plot a course to solving it. I would be quite interesting in your ideas of what you have seen that works. jb

  4. Judith

    As mentioned in my article, change comes from the bottom up. Business is only interested in profit, so as after the depression labor formed unions that demanded change. Business can’t survive without workers, and politicians need them to be elected; so the only solution to this problem must come for those with something to sell business such as labor. Business now moves to countries where labor is cheaper.

    An example is the new suggested solutions to the immigration problem is to deny work to illegals and the farmers are crying that they can’t survive without them as legal workers won’t work that hard for such low wages. There are no easy solutions to the unfair class division under our present economic system

    I predict we may return to the the life in the the 30s

  5. Sali Cosford Parker

    Your concerns certainly do meet the litmus test of a Patriot! Every word you write expresses your deep affection for this Country. The concerns you address so eloquently are testimony to your respect for the men and women who risked all in conceiving this Nation, the generations of both immigrants and native-born who struggled to build it, and those who answer the call to defend it.

    Certainly patriotism is more than standing gun in hand, facing an enemy at a battle line. Patriotism is exercising your right to vote, showing up for jury duty, and even paying taxes. Patriotism is standing for the National Anthem, even though you hate that it’s a war song. Patriotism is more than saying all men are created equal – it walks the talk.

    A Patriot speaks out when he sees his government going awry; sees his country being murdered by greed and hypocrisy and stands against it, regardless of who does or does not stand with him.

    You certainly quality by my standards!

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