The America I Miss

The America I Miss: Seeking, Intelligent, Respectful  Spokesmen  and Leaders

  I am in agreement with the Tea Party participants who want their America back, but don’t know if it’s the same America I want back.

I want inspirational leaders like conservative Bill Buckley and liberal John Galbraith, who were able to sit down and express their diverse views in an intellectual manner, in contrast to Side Show Barkers  Sarah Palin, Michelle, Bachmann, Glen Beck or Blue Dog Democrats owned by special interests.

 I’ve had enough college experience to realize there is a vast difference in cognitive skills of college graduates. The cognitive elite are those who consider college as a learning experience rather an opportunity to party or earn grades just high enough to graduate. Palin attended at least five colleges to receive a Bachelor’s Degree, Bachmann who thought the Founding Fathers eliminated slavery;  learned at the Oral Roberts University, or Beck, a drop out after the first semester are examples of the popular and highly regarded  representatives of a large segment  the population.

 Many college students rank in the mediocre half of the population, according to the Bell Curve, but all receive the same degree.

 My observation of congress in the past ten years has been a display of many mediocre students or those receiving their degrees from some rinky dink college issuing diplomas to anyone able to pay the tuition.

 I miss some of the cognitive elite with the ability to discuss policies with some intellect instead of calling each other names.

This is the America I miss.



3 responses to “The America I Miss

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I also miss the days when there were intelligent political and ideological debates.

    Watching the GOP race so far is pretty scary. For example, on the Huffington Post online newspaper one comment concerning the GOP candidates speeches at the recent Faith and Freedom Coalition conference was: “Christians are the new Taliban.” Another comment that I appreciated is: “The Faith and Freedom Coalition: Talk about a contradict­ion in words. The only thing that’s free in this group, is to just go along with everything they say.”

  2. Luanne Clague

    Politicians have become comic book characters.
    Obama has been a disappointment in many respects, but at least he thinks some before acting.
    The other contenders for president are down right scary in their approach to problem solving.
    It is more about being outrageous then thinking anything out intelligently.

  3. I miss people being able to express their true beliefs, in plain speech, and being able to disagree with others without fear of media backlash. I miss elections that discussed the issues instead of trying to rip apart the opposition with slander and accusations. I miss civility.

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