bin Laden

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 After 10 years the hunt for Bin Laden is over. The two days of dancing in the streets is over and we are now on to new breaking news. We must now do a cost and effect analysis and determine if it could have accomplished his death cheaper and with less loss of human lives.

 Immediately after 9/11 bin Laden was our main focus with cries of capturing Osama dead or alive. This outrage soon diminished as we initiated plans to invade Iraq. In December of that year bin Laden and his army were trapped at Tora Bora with only two escape routes. For some unknown reason US forces chose to close off only one of the two escape routes, allowing 600 Al Queda fighters to leave by the unguarded route. It remained unguarded for weeks so Bin Laden and 1000 troops also left.

I know this is history, but the public’s memory is short as the media suppresses this information for new breaking new, like the escapades of some well known celebrity.

 The media was engulfed in the perpetual political campaign and the ineffectual duel over the distribution of our tax money, which will be apportioned in its usual manner; no question about that. Luckily for the viewing public Arnold and some French billionaire were caught with their pants down.

 This shouldn’t be new news as men with power have made use of their power and money as a tool for the sexual seductions of women they weren’t married to, starting before and with our sacred Founding Fathers.       

 For two centuries, Americas have watched with much glee as press stories and word-of-mouth rumors recounting the sordid tales of how one or another of our commander-in-chiefs succumbed to their wilder temptations. The title of most outrageous philanderer among America’s recent presidents is a toss-up between Bill Clinton and John Kennedy. The exploits of Warren Harding and Thomas Jefferson, among earlier presidents, stand out as high moments of dubious integrity.

Ron Chernow in his biography of President Washington chronicles how Washington rose in the world. There was his friendship with the fabulously rich Fairfax family in Virginia. And the more than friendship and love affair with Sally Fairfax, the wife of his mentor. After Washington’s advantageous and loving marriage to the wealthy Martha, the two women became close friends, but at the end of his life, Washington wrote Sally that nothing in his life compared to the happiness of those youthful hours with her.

 I don’t want to expose the sexual exploits of thousands of rumors and facts about many politicians and their sexual dalliances, but wanted to change pace from my usual subjects and readers and myself enjoy this subject more.

 One must forget that consensual sex requires two people, but the males are the ones castigated. As a justification for the males I have to go back to my father’s one sentence in his father and son advice to me “An erect penis has no brains.” He was a man of few words in making a prudent point.




3 responses to “bin Laden

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Indeed, if they did finally kill Bin Laden, we are foolish not to count the cost of innocent lives lost to capture this one man and wonder why it wasn’t done sooner. And I always wonder, when the mainstream media focuses on some political or athletic leader’s sexual misconduct, what they are focusing our attention AWAY FROM. Points well made.

    • I wish the death of Bin laden signaled case over and problems solved but I fear the killing and contention will last for much longer. It seems like his death didn’t even pause the fighting at all.

  2. “One must forget that consensual sex requires two people, but the males are the ones castigated.” I am sure this must be a misprint as men rarely are held to the same standard as women in the degree of damage and scorn. In some countries is goes so far as the women are killed even if is was a rape to save the family honor and the men just walk away.

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