The bin Laden Saga

 I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms since the saturation of the media by the Royal Wedding and now the bin Laden’s demise. This brings back memories of Simon and Garfunkel’s lyrics to “Abraham, Martin & John.” I wonder what happened to my friends Palin, Beck and Bachmann, I wonder where they’ve gone.

 They have been the darlings of the media subsequent to the Presidential Election and the Tea Party rallies, but the media seems unable to cover more than one subject at a time; so they have disappeared from the scene. They haven’t received any free publicity for over a month. We have lost three intellects capable of correcting all actions of our President. We may have to replace their sagacity with lesser known intellects.

 Without these three sages I was forced to gather some of my information in this area from Peter Bergen, one of the two American journalists who interviewed bin Laden after the 9/11 attack, as the media doesn’t emphasize much information that’s not politically motivated.

I haven’t read his latest book, The longest War, but his earlier books, Holy War, Inc.: Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden ( 2001) and The Osama bin Laden I  Know: An Oral History of Al Qaeda’s Leader (2006) were essential for those looking for a well informed analysis of Muslims including bin Laden.

When a country has a catastrophe such as 9/11 it seems a logical question to ask should be, why did this happen? It seems this would be the obvious  approach to preventing further acts of this magnitude. Contrary to what a well known politician said and claimed that terrorists attacked us because they hate us because of our freedom, which could be described as a shallow or a silly illusion. If that were true, why didn’t they attack Sweden?”

I was apprehensive about our attack on Iraq when they invaded Kuwait. bin Laden was our friend at that time as we funneled money to him through Pakistan in his fight against the Russians. He was adamant about Western countries presence in The Middle East, especially in his own country near the holy cities of Medina and Mecca. He even offered using the Taliban army to drive Iraq out of  Kuwait. The Saudis and Bush rejected his offer. I have always felt that 9/11 could have been avoided if we had taken his advice.

In a review of 24 statements made by bin Laden from 1994 to 2004, political scientist James L. Payne found that 72 percent of the content of the speeches referred to alleged Western or Jewish attacks against Muslims, while only1 percent criticized American culture or way of life.

 In one of his books Bergen included some revealing revelations not only about bin Laden’s history but his reasons for attacking us. He tried to dissuade the governments from allowing non-Muslim armies into the land where the Prophet Muhammad gave birth to Islam, but the Saudi leadership turned to the United States to protect its vast oil reserves and the American administration concurred to protect our oil interests in Kuwait. Some claim that Bush’s approval ratings were down and military engagements are valuable to a President.  A close examination of WW 1 and 11 plus Grenada and others could perpetrate the same assumptions.  

 Bergen believes the demise of bin Laden was a momentous achievement for the world as when new recruits joined al-Qaeda, they pledged a personal oath of religious allegiance to bin Laden, rather than to the organization. Similarly, when affiliated jihadist groups have attached themselves to al-Qaeda central, as al-Qaeda in Iraq did in 2004, their leaders pledge their fealty to bin Laden personally.

 “Bin Laden is one of the few men in recent decades that truly changed the history of the world. With him gone from the scene, there is no one of his stature and charisma to become not only the leader and strategic guide of al-Qaeda, but to inspire the group’s affiliates across the Middle East and North Africa and the wider jihadi movement around the globe. For that, we can all be grateful.”

 The implication of my essay is to realize that if we had removed ourselves from this area years ago bin Laden would have had little or no reason to change us into a nation obsessed with national fear,but we have lately become involved in another civil war in Libya.   

 Now that I have vetted my thoughts on this subject I feel free to partake in the more amusing aspects of the news. I have missed Sarah Palin’s twitter remarks and her receiving $100,000 plus expenses for speeches.  

Michele Bachmann’s leader of the congressional Tea Party in the house states that the Founding Fathers did away with slavery and other historical events most people aren’t aware of.

My greatest form of amusement is watching the slapstick comedy of Glen Beck. I may laugh at these people, but they have become wealthy with large followings.

Bring them back and what’s happening with Tiger Woods and his former wife?







3 responses to “History

  1. Luanne Clague

    It is actually refreshing to hear some facts about Bin Ladin and that he warned the USA to no avail. I agree that it all could’ve been avoided except that war and oil do line decision makers pockets one way or another.

  2. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Thanks for that informative article. I appreciate the info/history of our relationship with Bin Ladin. What struck me the most was your mention that we didn’t approach evaluations of 9/11 with the question of “what did we do create the conditions to bring it to our shore?” Perhaps if our financial interests were not stronger than our desire to spread democracy and freedom, we’d be having more success with our foreign policies.

    However, that after watching the documentary “Loose Change 9/11 and American Coup” and “Fahrenheit 9/11,” I have serious doubts about Bin Ladin’s responsibility for the 9/11 attacks, even though he may have been happy to accept the responsibility afforded him.

  3. Your right about the main stream media and the narrow view of the world they present. One of the things I like most about the internet is the broad selection of news and information which is available. It is also one of the things I hate….there is so much information it is difficult to sort through it all. What do you think will happen now in Pakistan?

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