As the fly said when it walked on a mirror-“this is another way of looking at it”

The reason I ended my previous blog with–To be continued, was my knowledge that most Americans would disagree with my presumptions. This is healthy as have had this reaction often in my opinions and presume that if most people agree with me I haven’t said anything worthwhile.

It is my contention that opinions are formed either by a persons life experiences or by their sources of information.

My opinion in this area was formed by both. While acting as a school districts director of Bilingual Education part of my job was visiting the large farm workers camps. My description of them being Plantations was a mild description of the situation. The workers and some of their children worked a 60 hour a week in sweltering condition for low wages and received no overtime pay. Their living quarters had a lot to be desired. Many of the illegal wanted to become citizens, but couldn’t pass the test due to a language deficiency. Those not accepting this premise must remember that early settlers had the same problem. My mother didn’t speak English until she was 14 years old and was born in this country. She was Norwegian and lived in a farming village where even the dogs barked in Norwegian.      

Legally speaking, immigrants do NOT get benefits from Medicare, welfare, etc. They can get the right to become legal; usually by either applying through a process that takes years, or by joining the armed forces for a tour.

Illegal immigrants have been banned from most Government Programs since 1996 when Congress passed (and President Clinton signed) the welfare-reform law, known as the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act. From then on only citizens or legal immigrants such as those with a Green Card were eligible for federal benefits. Federal law also bars states and local governments from extending those benefits to undocumented immigrants.

Sometimes, illegal immigrants do find ways to get benefits like Medicare and Welfare. They are the smallest takers of welfare, despite what most people are told, but they do get it. The biggest takers of welfare are actually white women, followed by black women, white men, Hispanic women, black men and Hispanic men. 

As far as expensive health care for other citizens we must blame our elected representatives. They and the public are against health care programs that could correct this situation and are in the process of banning it. 

Those who disagree with my compassion for God’s people living under these conditions may be right, but should give it more thought. Remember ‘The Sermon On the Mount.”



2 responses to “Immigration

  1. My eldest daughter Vicki, who comments on all my blogs, could give a description of working in the fields as years ago she was employed there to earn some spending money during the summer.When she arrived home after her first day’s work she was covered with dirt from head to toe and all we could see were her tired looking eyes peering through the dirt. That was also her last day of work.

  2. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I will give a comment on this….I never worked so hard in a day in my life as the day I worked in the fields besides the Hispanic farm workers. I can’t imagine what it feels like to have that as a daily reality!

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