The exceedingly mature generation

The younger generation tires of hearing the exceedingly mature generation always talking about the past, but the elderly are bored with the present as they have heard it all before without the tinsel. Their future is predetermined only having to make a decision as whether they want to be cremated or buried in a pine box or fancy casket, so have nothing really to talk about but the past.

In a month I will attain 88 years of maturity so will make a few confessions about some overused stories used to impress younger people of the hardships of their youth. One overused adversity is walking 10 miles to school in the cold and snow and uphill both ways. This isn’t quite accurate. I only walked five miles and it was only uphill one way, but the uphill walk was after school when it was colder and we were much more tired after a hard day at school. I never had to put cardboard in my shoes to cover the holes as couldn’t afford cardboard. Some top this by saying they had no shoes The exceedingly mature have a tendency to exaggerate as most of their contemporaries are not alive to dispute them.

Now that I have apologized to the younger generation we will start with another look at the past and see if it has any relativity to the present. In earlier years only the elite were conservatives. The label liberal hadn’t yet been made the dirty word attached to anyone questioning the establishment. Those on the left weren’t afraid to really rock the boat as there was no TV or other gadgets to tear them apart. Experiences from those days have left me further to the left than today’s pseudo liberals.

Some study claims that the frontal lobe of the brain start to slowly diminish at age 40 and by 80 it is gone. This is the reason those 80 and older are no longer concerned with anyone’s opinion of them and say anything they please and the following is one example of a no-no in American society.

During my youth I was an advocate of Socialism, but while my brain was degrading and became aware of life in the real world my opinion in this area also diminished. The Good Book says we are all created in the image of God, but discovered that many had many traits of that other person with a tail and two horns. All men born in the image of God aren’t like the perfect man Job. Some resemble the one with the tail. That’s why most forms of government don’t succeed.

Those with the tails and horns are deathly afraid of relinquishing any of their power and wealth for those who labor for their profits. They have poisoned the minds of anyone suggesting any change by using words like Socialism unions or any thing that may challenge their dominance.

As my frontal lobe is gone I will shed some light on the countries we seldom hear about. Reshma Kapadia in Smart Money says “there’s more to Scandinavia than high cheekbones and Swedish meatballs. Most Nordic economies are growing faster than those to the south and the governments have little debt to speak of. In fact Sweden, Norway and Finland boast a negative net debt.” “Their economies are growing and their citizens are spending freely.”

While much of the developed world is struggling with budget deficits or billions of dollars in debt, Sweden, Norway and Finland boast negative net debt, an indicator of good fiscal health. In other words, those countries’ cash reserves and assets in pension funds or stakes in companies more than cover their obligations.Their economies are also bouncing back more quickly from the recession than their neighbors to the south, with private spending rising 3.8% in Sweden and 3.2 % in Norway

These countries have high taxes but many advantages for the all their citizens. They pay high taxes, but in return have no worries about health care, education or retirement. Workers have 5 week vacations and a couple having a child receive 16 weeks of paid leave. One of these countries was found to have the happiest people in the world.  Most Americans don’t relish talking about these countries successes as have a form of Socialism that is a bad word.

When enough of our public begins to feel the coming results of our present mantra of smaller government and lower taxes, reactions similar to the public workers in Wisconsin will be more boisterous and prevalent. I witnessed the formation of unions during the depression with the election of Socialists and progressives to State and local offices.

It often takes a crisis to arouse the American Public from a deep sleep which is on the way.

I forgot to mention that at one time I was a scratch golfer and could drive the ball 300 yards.


2 responses to “Economics

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I don’t know that I’ve enjoyed any of your articles as much as this one. I appreciate your willingness to take the vulnerable stance of revealing more about yourself as you offer seldom shared perspectives. Many of us do shrink at the word “socialism” and hold “capitalism” up as the true hope for those who trust the US Constitution. However, as you point out, our economy has been hijacked, and it may be a bloody battle to recover the freedoms and prosperity that our ancestors struggled to provide for us. Didn’t someone say that those who aren’t willing to fight for freedoms, don’t deserve them? The future is sure to be interesting….thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.

  2. Great article!! It is amazing to me that people in our country are fighting for the rich rather then for the working people. The propaganda has worked.

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