Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself

Author Thomas Frank asks the question: “Why do so many Americans vote against their economic and social interests?” One could ask this question to the demonstrators in Wisconsin. Conservatism once a creed of the privileged class has now engulfed millions of ordinary people.

In earlier years only the elite were conservatives. The label liberal had hadn’t yet been used to describe the working class.

During my occupation of the earth this changed when the Reagan Democrats emerged, especially white working-class Northerners who defected from their party to support Republican voters in both the 1980 and 1984. It is also used to refer to the smaller but still substantial number of Democrats who voted for George H W Bush in the 1988 election. The reelection of Sonny Bush is beyond belief. The term can also be used to describe moderate Democrats who are more conservative than liberal on certain issues the lobbyists pay them for. They are called Blue Dog Democrats.

Rigious groups were another change agent in political philosophy by bringing moral issues such as abortion and homosexuals into the political arena. We have “Right to life prophets picketing abortion clinics while politicians were destroying their economic status and  performing thousands of abortions in the Middle East.

If I were an advisor for the Democrats or Obama I would advise them to follow the will of the voters and allow the opposing party to put their wishes for smaller government,  budget cuts of programs for the poor while reducing taxes for the wealthy. This will be interesting to watch. The Tea Party with their Revival meetings and repugnant signs convinced the voters to solve our countries mess by less government and the conservative party. They should now put their philosophies into action,

If I was a political strategist I would advise liberals to speak softly, predicting possible means and results of attaining these goals and allow voters to react to their choices. The Tea Party Governor of Wisconsin has already started with many State Governors ready to follow suit. The voters have given the conservatives all three branches of state government and are already reaping the rewards of their vote. Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself.

The direction in which we are heading is reminiscent of the 1800s and early 1900s. Sweat shop workers went on strike a number of times and were beaten by hired strike breakers. The strike breakers now are people the ilk of Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and we are now witnessing the reaction to the governor they just elected. When the party of the elite carries out their programs of eliminating the middle class the protests in Wisconsin will erupt through out the country. This is an example of what is to come when the federal government’s budget cuts are enacted.  Recessions are profitable for the wealthy as it makes stocks go up and labor costs go down. The worst is yet to come.

I will go more into detail in a future blog about the half truths of the overpaid government workers and incompetent teacher living in luxury with large pensions and unable to educate our eager and poverty stricken students. The recession was caused by Wall Streets hyper speculation not by the pay scale of teachers and nurses.

The opposing party must object to these cuts, but not too vigorously as it will be an education for the part of public who has had a joy ride from the actions of the sacrifices made by former generations.

We are now going to understand that it may be too late to close the barn door after the horses are out.


2 responses to “Politics

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Thank you for that excellent article. In school we memorized dates and places of events, but didn’t learn about the important issues you bring up. As you’ve quoted in past articles, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  2. It is difficult to watch people so upset by the idiots they have voted for.
    I just don’t want to have to learn the hard way, but looks like we may
    have to as a nation.

    What do you think of Jerry Brown?

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