American Graffiti

The Saga of Sarah-Snooki and Glen

Even in hard times there is always something to amuse people. The past few years have given us people like Sarah, Snooki and Glen. I refer to these people by their first names as they have been so glorified by the public and media that they have become household names. All three have saturated all forms of publicity from TV, talk shows and the written news. I don’t know if they have hired publicists or are so interesting they are devoured by mass communication.

Sarah and Snooki have a few things in common. They are interesting, fascinating and attractive on TV. It don’t matter what Sarah says as she looks so pretty saying it. Snooki’s attributes are a cute demeanor and large breasts. They both have written books that have been on the NY Times best sellers list. Both came from humble beginnings and are now wealthy celebrities. Japanese proverb warns that” A pretty girl and a bag of coins take watching.

The difference between the two is that Sarah tries to appear intelligent while Snooki tries to portray the opposite façade. Sarah may be intelligent, but displays a lack of any knowledge of history and uninformed in domestic and foreign affairs, but she may do this intentionally as most of her followers are cut out of the same cloth. Her formal education is a sketchy subject, but she must intelligent as she attended 5 colleges in six years for her Bachelor’s Degree and now believes she is capable of correcting the president’s policies.

Glen is also an entertainer and made more money last year than the other two. He has had more experience in the media as he started in radio at a young age and worked himself up. He worked for CNN’s Headline news before receiving an offer from Fox. He probably became famous for the same reasons as the other two by bringing himself down to the level of his followers. Like Sarah, his interpretation of history would also receive a D-.

I’m not going into his private life, but find his conversion to the Mormon faith interesting. While courting his present wife, a Mormon who wouldn’t provide the milk without him owning the cow, motivated Glen to marry her to partake of the milk. She wouldn’t marry him if he wasn’t a Mormon and Glen was so anxious for the milk he became a Mormon. His 10% tithing of his 35 million dollar earnings should be appreciated by the church.

I enjoy all three of these characters although I have only seen Snooki on talk shows while selling her book. She is kind of cute and down to earth. They are appealing to the public as they are folksy.  When I lived in the real world I had ten policies of survival I kept on my desk and read them every morning at the start of the work day. One of the survival policies was– be on guard with folksy people.

The media is fascinated with these characters and they are fodder for the late night comedians. They may be ridiculed, but they are the ones laughing at us. Although their success was brought about by accident they relate to a certain caliber of the public and cash in on this groups cerebral needs.

Poem by Calvin Trillin on Sarah’s speech on the Tuson Shooting:

From what she has told us,

We all can infer,

When anything happens,

It’s all about her.




3 responses to “American Graffiti

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    I had to chuckle over your assessment of the three public figures, but wonder why you took the effort to point out Glen Beck’s affiliation with the Mormon Church, and his reason for becoming a member of it. I wonder what you consider to be the relevance of that information, and why you’d point that out when no mention was made of the church affiliations or contributions of the other two.

  2. I included this as thought it was humorous and and would interest the readers.This was Becks answer when asked the question.Why are you so defensive of anything about your church? The fact that the Mormon girl required marriage before sex was a positive part of that paragraph.

  3. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Indeed I am ready to step up and defend the “Mormon Church” at all times. It’s not comfortable to have Glen Beck as a public figure who continually puts it “out there” that he’s “Mormon”; as his sarcastic and attacking demeanor is a far cry from the examples set by “Mormon Church” leaders and is not the way one would expect a disciple of Jesus Christ to conduct himself in defense of our Constitution government.

    I find myself shrinking every time attention is brought to the fact that Glen Beck is a Mormon…and noted that you made no mention of the religion of the other two subjects of your article. Perhaps Sarah and Snookie are quiet about their religious affiliation so as not to cast an unfavorable light upon it.

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