Psychologically Satisfying Golf

Golf can be a humbling and frustrating sport. We experience a lot of anger and frustration during a normal round of golf. We have brief moments of satisfaction when we hit what I call, a psychologically satisfying shot, but the memory of this is lost if we follow this moment with a depressing shot.

Example: You hit a drive that makes you feel great until you dub or hit your next shot out of bounds and leave this hole discouraged.  Say you hit the green in two and then 3 or 4 putt. What is your mental attitude when you finish the hole?

I was advised by a pro to never finish a practice session with a bad shot. Always leave after a satisfying shot. This led me to developing “Psychologically Satisfying Golf.” Always finish each hole with a smile on your face. If you hit a drive that makes you feel great, pick the ball up and don’t finish the hole. Finish each hole feeling good by picking the ball up after each satisfying shot.  All you will remember is that great drive. The objective is to leave as many holes as possible feeling happy. It’s interesting watching the golfers you are playing with swearing, throwing clubs, and complaining.

Keeping score is very simple. Only count the bad the shots you hit. For instance, if you hit a satisfying drive and pick up, you get a 0 on this hole as you have hit no bad shots. If the next drive don’t give you a good feeling but hit an enjoyable second shot your score is 1, as you have only hit one bad  shot. I only play 9 holes and my best score was 7 as my driving was good that day. My highest score has been 14 and although my driving wasn’t too good  that day, I still enjoyed it as I finished each hole with a good shot. Par for 9 holes is 9 or 1 shot a hole. My 7 was 2 under par, but my 14 was 5 over.

If you are concerned about exercise, take a few practice swings after you pick up after a satisfying shot. I sometimes go on the green and just take practice putts for the fun of it.

I have played golf for 60 years and have come to the conclusion that humans really like to punish themselves. They go out to the golf course to relax and have fun and spend the whole time stressed and discouraged. Most have dreams of improving and enjoying themselves, but it’s  unlikely as golf is too complicated and the older you get the poorer you play. Some say it’s nice to get out and see the scenery, but a walk in the woods or on the beach would accomplish the same thing without the frustration. People pay big green fees to play and spend most of the round swearing at themselves.

So; if you are getting older, have physical limitations, or aren’t really enjoying golf, try “Psychologically Satisfying Golf” or take a walk in the woods or on the beach.


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