War Errors

Liberated Women

Although we are bombing Afghanistan to fight terrorism, there have been some temporary gains, even if we don’t find Bin Laden. Afghan women can now take off their veils and Burkas and go back to work. Lets see how this applies to the new life of these women.  

Removing the veils and Burkas may benefit the attractive females, but may not help the less attractive. Trim figured ladies may look good, but fat women will have to go on diets and join exercise groups, depending on men’s taste in women. They will now have to style their hair, buy cosmetics, and wear fashionable clothing. American feminists are all excited about modernizing the Islamic women, which could have its positive and negative aspects. I wonder if the younger girls will be introduced to the Britney Spears look and expose their breasts and navels? If they do they will have to keep their navels clean and those who can afford a diamond or other jewels will have an advantage.

Arab women will lose the mystery of their hidden qualities. They were like Christmas presents and men would be anxious to unwrap them. Men are often disappointed, but anticipation is usually greater than realization. I always liked my women wrapped and decorated. This not only stirs interest, but promotes envy as I am the one who knows what’s in the package.

Modern women have taken all the anticipation out of life for the young men. They now run around with their breasts and navels fully or partially exposed. Little do the young girls know that once you’ve seen enough cleavage and navels they lose their attraction. The Arab women should be warned about this. There’s an old Japanese Proverb: Look At a Woman At Night From Afar or Under An Umbrella

If I were a young man I would soon be bored with half dressed wiggling girls. When I was a boy we sneaked peeks of native girls in the National Geographic to satisfy our curiosity. I still find my wife’s navel interesting.

As a patriotic American I am proud of our freeing the Afghan women even if we have destroyed their homes through bombing and accidentally killed some of their family. “No Pain, No Gain” Many Arab women are now living on the desert in homemade tents in sub-freezing temperatures, but, they are free. They would take off their body dresses and veils, but it’s too cold. They could even get jobs if there were any and could get daycare for their hungry scraggly children.

We have been very generous by dropping little packages of unfamiliar food that some of them are able to retrieve. Unfortunately many packages landed in Mine Fields.

I heard that the women are so elated with their newly acquired freedom they are marching around the desert waving American flags and singing “God Bless America” It bring tears to my eyes and makes me proud to be an American.

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2 responses to “War Errors

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Thanks so much for posting this………..it’s one of my favorite! Sad but true.

  2. I love this. While Americans parade about acting as if our culture is far superior to anything remotely Islamic, they neglect the fact that the American view of how a woman should dress and behave has sexist overtones too.

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