State of the Union

When I was a teen ager I didn’t do too well with the girls as was quite shy in that area. I always admired Jimmy Olson as he had the girls flocking after him. One day I asked Jimmy what his secret was for his success with the girls and his answer was I just sweet talk them.

This always comes to mind when watching the State of the Union Address. Everything is great and these are the wonderful thing we are going to do to improve the lives of all segments of society. They always have some heroic people in the audience to point to, usually sitting with the First Lady. They never omit a tribute to those in the military fighting for our freedom. All of these things plus many others incite a standing ovation.

After the speech the opposing party responds to the President by disagreeing with whatever he said except also paying tribute to those fighting for our freedom.

After all this sweet talk many pundits from all the media outlets tell us what we have just heard and dissects the speech from both parties with meaningless interpretations of any flaws as controversy is the heart beat of their existence. The speeches then become their food for the next few days with more and more analysis.

This entire hullabaloo is a waste of time as nothing said will ever  become reality. Each party will continue with their allegiance to their base and financial backers. The Republicans, especially from Southern states, will resume their efforts to get rid of a black president while the Democrats will carry on their vacuous compassion for the poor.

Fellow Americans; nothing will change because the much quoted saying “You can’t fool the American people is to me a very humorous but valid assumption. Gary Younge remarked in an article in “The Nation: magazine; the sad truth is that even when presented with concrete and irrefutable evidence, some people will still prefer the reality they want over the one they actually live in.” “We are all capable of believing things that we know to be untrue,” wrote George Orwell and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show we are right.” Intellectually, it is possible to carry on this process for an indefinite time: sooner or later a false belief bumps up against reality.”

The best guard against a continued dumbing down of our political discourse is a well informed public able to think for themselves rather than relying upon the words of demagogues and political con artists, with only self interests, to set the terms of our national debate. Watching the protesters with tea bags dangling from their hats carrying guns and racial signs are examples of the generation of people who can’t distinguish fact from opinion. Snooki’s and Sarah’s books being on the best sellers list demonstrates  the depth of  of the publics thinking.

As a curmudgeon not looking at the world through rose colored glasses I see no change in compromise or bipartisanship in sight; so the philosophy of Steven Colbert’s saying that the best thing the American people can do is lower their expectations makes sense. Because his dog pees and poops on the rug he lowered his expectations of his dog and now lets him pee and poop in the house and he is no longer a bad dog.


2 responses to “Politics

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Thank you for that article! It’s painful to watch the man we want so much to trust; realizing that he is merely telling us what he has found out we want him to say rather than telling us the actual truth. Yesterday I heard a comment that the parties were able to sit beside each other during the State of the Union Address, but the test will be if they can work together in the future. Of course, we know that our congressional representatives are representing the interests of the wealthy who financially support them much more than they are representing those who voted for them. We do need better informed citizens, but can’t expect that soon as the wealthy also control the journalists and media. From my observation, most Americans are content to focus on entertainment, recreation, and appetite gratification rather than making the effort to find out what is really going on and do something about changing it.

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