I derive most of wisdom from older American sages such as Will Rogers, Mencken, Sinclair Lewis and men of an earlier era as they are farther down the inbreeding chain. As I have mentioned before, according to the Good Book we are all decedents of Adam and Eve so you can imagine the mental degradation with all of these years of inbreeding, plus our first relatives weren’t too bright to start with. God had to kill off all the original descendants except a good boat builder named Noah and his family; lucky his family was statistically 90% heterosexuals. Genesis doesn’t give the Race of Adam and Eve, so don’t know if it was a mixed marriage, if they were legally married, resulting in the different Races we have today. Would this be considered another try at Intelligent Design? There may be a few mutants like me and those of you reading this essay, but as a whole the human race seems to be degrading with each generation.

This is most notable in the political world. Comparing the intellect of George Bush with John Adams brings this to mind. Observing California’s muscle bound Governor is another good example. Those of you in Pennsylvania have Rick Santorum to add to my thesis. After Bush’s second Presidential election a headline in one of England’s newspaper read “How could 60 million Americans be so stupid”. I think the answer to this is covered in my first paragraph.

Our congress exemplifies the effect inbreeding has had on our nation. One only has to watch our congress in action on C- Span. I know this is biased, but after listening to some Southern congressmen I wonder if the country would have been better off if we had allowed the South to secede from the Union and extended the Mason Dixon line to the Pacific Ocean. Think of all the God fearing corrupt politicians the Yankees wouldn’t have had to deal with. I must admit there were a few mutants in the South, but very scarce.

After watching a Georgia congressman being interviewed by Steven Colbert I hoped no one from another country saw it. The congressman wanted to improve the morals in our country by having the Ten Commandments displayed in public buildings, Steven asked him to name the Ten Commandments and after stammering and sputtering for a few minutes, he could only come up with don’t murder or steal. I thought Colbert should be chastised for asking such a deep question and bless the poor pea picking congressman for being put in this embarrassing situation

Watching the exposure of living conditions of blacks in Louisiana after Katrina and having worked in the projects for 10 years, I question how close to slavery we still are? Besides the black ghettos in most cities and dirt farmers in the South, we also have a form of Mexican slavery in the Southwest and other areas. Large corporations have engulfed small farms and turned them into plantations with Mexican slaves replacing the blacks. I had the opportunity to observe the living conditions on these plantations and their slave labor. It brings back memories of the movie “ROOTS” with Mexican families replacing blacks. I wonder if it would be cheaper for us to spend the billions of dollars proposed for stopping illegal immigration by financing some plantations in Mexico.

One rule of good writing is to cover only one subject in an article, but with all the breaking news I find it permissible to break the rule. I have lost a lot of sleep lately over the proposed Constitutional Amendment to ban flag burning. Senator Oren Hatch called this the most important decision in the country today. I don’t know the reason for his dismay, but it might be that most of our flags are made in China, who lends us the money to cover our bulging deficit. A simple solution would be; make the flags out of asbestos.

Well, I could go on, but it’s time to cut and run before being distracted by more earthshaking news from our vigilant media.







2 responses to “Government

  1. ha, ha–you know inbreeding is a good as any theory I can think of for our state of the nation. There is a saying “always learning and never coming to the truth” Which reminds me of our time. There is so much information and talk of reform but we somehow never get to truth and are able to fix what matters.

  2. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    What comment could one leave after that remarkable article? While I do disagree with your understanding of our first parents, however I can’t argue with your evaluation of those presently leading our country. Anyone who has read “passages” could easily identify the writer of your article as having reached the age of at least 60 as you certainly seem to have reached the age of “No Bull Shit.” Thanks for calling it as you see it.

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