Political Humor

New Government Power Broker Needs a Nipple or Pacifier

Since the take over of the House of Representatives by the more patriotic party the sign carrying patriots will now have a chance to give our country back to the people. There is joy in Mudville as the Democrats have struck out and the good guys will be at bat. They will now have to sit back and watch as their evaluators show them what they should have done while they were in charge. They will now be the evaluators.

I hate to be a kill joy, but Curmudgeons don’t look at the world through Rose Colored Glasses and see no joy emitting from Washington. Previous to the fall of the Roman Empire they had a House of Commons a Senate and military groups scattered in different parts of the world before their fall. Similar to our political structure the House of Commons was just an ineffective part of government that passes bills for show and are watered down or rejected by the Senate. This results in a paralyzed do nothing government with no change in sight and dominated by those who finance their campaigns. The newly elected were raising money and meeting with lobbyist prior to being sworn in.

The first working day of the new leadership in the House an observer would have been struck by the superficiality of senior politicians, pseudo statesmen, widely respected for integrity and impartial concern for the public good; reading the Constitution similar to a 3rd grade class with alternate students reading a book a paragraph at a time. This theatrical display might have been less embarrassing if they had read the Constitution in unison so the many who have never read it would be forced to read it in its entirety.

Their next waste of time will be repealing the Health Bill that everyone knows will be rejected in the senate. My reaction to the first week of our new government of the people is DAH!!  H. L. Mencken notes that “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Many are curious at the reason for Chairman Boehner’s emotional breakdowns and the best diagnosis was demonstrated by comedian Samantha Bee on Jon Stewarts show. As a mother she came to the conclusion that when a baby cries it wants a Teat; so Boehner, in a large family, may have been weaned too early and needs a breast  or maybe a pacifier during emotional breakdowns. Maybe his oversized gavel will give him more courage.

The administration was proud of the new labor statistics as the unemployment statistics showed an increase of near 100,000 new jobs and a reduction of the unemployment rate to 9.4%. One must be careful in interpreting any statistics as like history many omissions often change the facts. How many of these jobs were temporary? How many were at minimum wage?

Howard Zinn admits that there is no such thing as a pure fact “behind each fact presented to the world—by a teacher, writer, anyone is a judgment. The judgment that has been made is that this fact is important and other facts, omitted are not important.”

The same analysis must be made with all conclusions presented as reliable truisms. The latest comparison of world wide or national educational achievements must also be looked at carefully before coming to any conclusions. Were all children tested and which children in each country were tested?  One must wonder why China tested higher then the USA. We must also question why the Chinese student in our country also excel academically while being taught by the same teachers being blamed for under achievement of other students. Asian students qualifying for admission to better Universities must be rationed to make room for other students; something worth thinking about.

I know that I have wandered in this blog, but with all the serious problems confronting us it was difficult not to chuckle at the clowns in Washington in the past few years, even if it is sad.


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