Calculating your sin Quotient

I have been thinking a lot about sin lately. In fact I have been thinking about sin for many years. In my youth I attended a church where every thing I liked to do was a sin. Dancing, playing pool, cards, etc. were all sins. Back in those days I wasnt” the conformist I am today so sinned a lot. Of course this led to deep guilt feelings.

The other night I had a dream or vision that St. Peter wanted to talk to me as he needed some administrative advice.  The growth in population and the number of people dying each day has caused him and his staff to be overwhelmed with the task of screening people ready to go through the “Pearly Gates.” He needed a new system of handling this horrendous problem. Being the generous person I am, I promised to try.

The Bible, The Koran, The Book of Mormon, and The Torah list thousands of  sins; so I decided to classify the more serious sins, such as stealing, lying, sex, killing, etc. Example: stealing would have to be broken down into 10 categories according to their severity. Each of the ten sins would have a numerical value.

The most severe sin would be a 10 while the least severe would be a one. Stealing a million dollars could be 10 points while stealing a penny would be one point.

Rating sexual sins would be more complicated. How would you rate homosexuality, fornication before marriage, adultery, coveting your neighbor’s wife, lust in your heart, casting your seed upon the ground, etc. I will have to delegate this task to someone with a better knowledge of the Holy Books. Again sex raises it’s ugly head.

Lying is another group of sins that will take a lot of study. Is an outright lie worse than using half truths, like politicians and news people do? What about little white lies? Years ago an ancient Greek cynic, Diogenes, wandered around the countryside with a lantern looking for an honest man. He never found one, so there will be many sin points earned in this category.

Although I’ve never killed any one I’m confused about rating this sin. A serial killer would probably be a 10. How would killing in war be rated? Would collateral killing of Afghan civilians be a sin? Abortion is a very controversial subject that will have to be judged by a higher power. Would credit be given  to mothers of Bin Laden, Hitler, Saddam, and their likes if they had  abortions and saved the world from these tyrants? Is capital punishment a sin? These decisions will also have to be left to someone more knowledgeable of sin.

These are examples of my system of rating sins . Every time a person sinned they would get points according to the severity of the sin. Those with the highest number on their sin tally sheet would be the most sinful. These would be called Debits. The next procedure would be called Credits, so  people could be repaid for good things they do in life. Example: helping an old lady cross the street would be worth so many points. Helping an old man like me with work around the yard would be worth 10 points. Visiting nursing homes etc. would also be worth points.

When the end arrives the sin points would be totaled and the credits would be subtracted from the sins for a person’s entrance card with their sin number on it.

St. Peter and his staff would have different gates. There would be gates with signs like at the airport. Gate 1 would be for people with scores of 10 or under, Gate 2 would be for scores of 11 to 30 etc. The last Gate 5 would be for people with scores 100 and over. People entering this gate would be given a coal shovels and sweat bands. The lower number gates would have nicer living conditions. Deceased people would pick the gate they have a ticket for, run their card through a machine and the gate would open. Fewer problems for St. Peter.

This system sounds very complicated, but with modern computers this system could be installed by religious scholars and be a real help to St. Peter and his overworked staff.

I have been working on my sin ranking and find I need more credits. I don’t qualify for Gate 1 and am happy as I don’t fit in with people of this caliber and wouldn’t have many friends there. I am happy that I don’t qualify for Gate 5 as shoveling coal through eternity isn’t very appealing. It’s easier for older people to lower their score as they don’t have the energy to sin much and have time to acquire credits.

If you have doubts about which gate you will go through, tally your sins and subtract your credits to see where you stand. Remember: He who procrastinates might end up with a coal shovel and sweat bands.

Present Sin Rating- 49

Sin Rating Goal—-30


One response to “Religion

  1. Vicki Sue McKinnis

    Here is what I suspect Jakob, Neoma, Harry and Anna might comment on the topic of religion from The Mishnah: Oral Traditions of Judaism by Eugene J. Lipman

    “Down through the centuries, the Jewish people have considered themselves a covenant people…It has groped and struggled to determine the precise content of the covenant. It has dedicated existence to fulfilling the covenant…Indeed, the purpose of Israel and of the Jews as individuals is fulfillment of covenant. The covenant is Judaism’s answer to the question of life’s purpose….The ultimate aim of the covenant, and consequently of the life work of the individual Jew and the Jewish people, is the creation of the universal kingdom of God on earth, the perfect human society. The content of the covenant is therefore of supreme importance in Judaism, and the determination of that content the most complex problem a serious Jew faces. For it requires the impossible: a sure knowledge of divine will. What did God say at Mount Sinai? What did He reveal as His will? What did He require of His covenant people? Jewish thinking has devoted itself to such question.”

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